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Everyone has the ability to thrive.

However, most people are judging themselves harshly measuring their success against someone else's rules.


Working with me will have you discover your personal measure of success, leaving you with the experience of balance in all areas of your life: Career, Relationships, Finances, Health/Well-Being, Recreation, Personal Development, and Spirituality. Together we will work to unconceal and dissolve the blocks and barriers to your success, both the ones you’ve been challenged by for years, as well as the ones you don’t even know exist but are still stopping you from experiencing the level of accomplishment, fulfillment and satisfaction you desire. 


Looking to work with me 1-onPlease consider that working with me on a 1-on-1 basis is not for everyone. I work best with high-performers and proven leaders. As a matter of fact, 1-on-1 coaching agreements with me are limited to only 3 per calendar year.


This allows me to focus on each of my clients in real-time and as needed.


If you do happen to secure one of these highly sought-after coaching spots with me, here’s feedback from a past client on what you can expect:


“I've had the good fortune to work with a lot of amazing individuals and leaders in the world of personal transformation and that I consider Brandi's work, particularly her style of coaching, to be some of the most impactful I have experienced. 

Professionally, some results I have received as a direct result of working with Brandi:
- having the courage to take big actions, such as quitting jobs that were no longer serving me, and changing careers..some of these changes were things I thought would take months (or even years) and occurred within 1.5 months of working together
- I have increased my income and cut down the number of hours I work. I finally have more balance in my life and have reconnected to my creativity as a result.
- I identified where I was wasting my time, i.e. particular partnerships/collaborations/activities that were draining my energy and have cut all of them out (this is a really huge one for me). The result is now choose myself and am now fully devoted to building my business in ways I could not have previously imagined.  Whereas I believed my ideas were going to take years to actualise, they have now started to come to fruition in a matter of months. My dreams are literally coming into reality in a matter of weeks. 

Personal results include:
- one month into working with Brandi I have met the man of my dreams.. this is a direct result of our work together. Up until meeting Neil, my current partner, I had a string of unsuccessful relationships. I have never felt so peaceful and fulfilled in a romantic partnership.  It feels like TRUE partnership and better than I could have imagined
- I have removed the shame I have around money. This has helped me both professionally and personally as I could see how much of this story was linked to my sexuality and creativity (so when you originally distinguished professional vs personal achievements, I could understand where you are coming from AND the beauty of Brandi's work is that the work you do in one area will inevitably affect all areas) 
- within a month of working together I manifested a home situation of living alone that I thought would take 6+ months to achieve
- overall, the biggest benefit is I have even more self-love and a higher degree of self-worth. I was already invested in myself prior to working with Brandi, but since working with her I am now aware of areas of unconscious, self-sabotaging behaviours that weren't even on my radar: 
- I have better boundaries with myself and a higher degree of compassion for myself and others.  I have removed a lot of self-judgement which has resulted in so much more freedom and peace of mind 

There is a lot more I can share but I just focused on some of the breakthroughs I have experienced recently.  I should mention all of the above has happened in the space of 4 months and that my life has completely changed since working with Brandi.  I will say I am the kind of individual who already is invested in personal growth, and working with Brandi has accelerated my growth to spaces where I was meeting a plateau.  This has really amplified my abilities to spaces I didn't think were possible to go to.”






If you feel strongly that working with me 1-on-1 beyond the offerings shared above, is the best next step for you and your life, schedule a Divine Alignment call (see above)) to create a conversation that deepens our shared commitments.


To work with me in a (more accessible) group setting, consider joining a transformational discourse or masterclass in my Sacred Circle Community.   My online community is a great way to engage my work, keep up with my latest creations and hang out with me and other inspiring trasformational leaders.

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