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Sacred Ceremonies + Ritual



Vision Questing

             spiritual Path Activation

The sacred practices of ritual and ceremony are ancient and widespread.

As long as there have been humans, there has been ritual and ceremony. Rituals oftentimes were traditionally performed as initiations and a way to honour something sacred (such as a holy or sacred teaching, wisdom, deity or Goddess), as a rite of passage (such as a transition from adolescence into adulthood), as a bridge to signify a major transition within a community or one’s life (or death, in some cases — you can see funerals as a very common example of rituals), or finally, as a way to give gratitude or thanks. Furthermore, many of the most sacred of these rituals were often involving a community, group of people, Elders, or respected teachers. In some cases, the ritual allowed for the literal and energetic transmission of information that would mark the beginning, end, or both, of a significant transition or event.

Ceremonial experiences with me will provide you with the guidance and clarity required to realize your goals.  My guiding principle is that You Already Have everything you need to succeed, and my intention is to support you as you discover that for yourself. With the unique combination of a background in Psychology, Biology and Hermetics enhanced by my skills as a Shaman and experienced Transformational Coach,  I am able to connect, interact and support you on multiple levels. 


I work directly with change-makers and talented healers as they reach for the next level of impact and expansion. My sessions are tailor made with you and your specific needs in mind, and each session will vary depending on what you're out to accomplish. Here are a few areas in which most people experience a tremendous shift out of working with me:



Authentic Leadership 

Creating a Vision 

Extraordinary Communication 

Responsibility and Accountability

Empowering Relationship to Time

Duty vs Desire

Creating Trust

Fostering Teamwork

Transforming limiting beliefs (Self and Wealth)

Release of hidden barriers and blocks

Expansion of Self in Relationships




Working together we will build on your passion, unleash your self-expression, and accelerate your accomplishments, leaving you experiencing success in the areas of your life that are most important to you.  


Whether you want to broaden your impact, reach new audiences, activate latent gifts, or create something completely new; working with me is your opportunity to go beyond what you've previously experienced as limitations and leap into a future of your own design. Session after session you will carve away anything that is NOT in alignment with your ultimate goal leaving you powerfully achieving success long after our sessions are complete.





"Courage is being who you choose to be, and allowing another to be who they choose to be. Courage is choosing and then choosing again."    - Brandi Mazesticeon

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