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Sacred Community when and where
you need it.

With over two decades of serving humanity's awakening; we have curated some of the most impactful tools for personal and spiritual growth and development, and made them available for you in our Sacred EXchange Community online.


Now you can access empowering support that works wherever you are, and whenever you are ready.

Humans Grow Better Together.

There are times when our personal and spiritual growth requires us to be alone. To go within and reclaim our power and our connection with Source.  Then there are the other times. The times when we crave connection, collaboration, inspired conversations; and to be witnessed as we experience ourselves in a supportive community. 

To that end we created an online community based on our Sacred EXchange philosophy. At Sacred EXchange, we believe that education is most effective when it is based on connection and trust, which is why we create learning experiences that are rooted in relationship. Our focus is on teaching physical, emotional and spiritual practices that help our students to learn, grow and be empowered. We provide an environment where our students can feel safe, seen and heard. Our goal is to create a space where people can come together and learn, grow, connect and heal.

The  Sacred Exchange Community  supports you in gaining    spiritual wisdom, staying empowered, and growing consistently in your power and

fullest self-expression. 

Choose Your level of participation

Whether you join us for ritual every month, deepen your practice inside one of our online programs or share your latest insight in the weekly chats; we can't wait to grow with you!  

To make it easy for you to know if ours is the right community for you, we invite you to take advantage of our Complimentary 7-Day All Access Membership Pass. You'll enjoy full access to our Sacred Exchange Community Circle for seven days so you can listen, share, read, learn, and grow with us in Community.


After your trial is over; simply choose the Membership level that suits your growth track best.


If you're ready to subscribe, choose your preferred plan below and get started today!

No obligations.

Cancel Anytime.

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  • Access to online Sacred Exchange Community via Circle Platform

  • Weekly Mantras and Affirmations

  • On-demand access to Transformational Content Archives

  • Weekly Oracle Readings

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ALL New Moon Benefits PLUS:

  • Monthly Community Livestream with Creator & Sacred Exchange Facilitators

  • Access to Live Events Portal including on-demand replays

  • 33% off of select Workshops

  • 10% off of holistic personal care at Maze Apothecary

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ALL New & Half Moon Benefits PLUS:

  • UNLIMITED access to Transformational Workshops 

  • Monthly Moon Rituals

  • Access to Full Moon Member Portal

  • 13% off holistic personal care at Maze Apothecary

Tap into the Power of Aligned Community

Membership benefits include:
  -Self-guided workshops
-Monthly moon rituals

-Inspiring affirmations
       -Live interactive web chats

All inside of an Empowering private online space to connect with like-minded people.

...wherever you are!

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