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FAQs about The Divine Initiation

Who is this course for?


This course is for any and everyone who is committed to taking their life to the next level. The course has been designed to support people who have been experiencing a plateau or limited progression in their personal, professional, or spiritual growth & development to produce unprecedented results in a short period of time.


Is there anyone this course is (or is not) for? Do I have to be 'spiritual' to do the course?


This course really was designed for all of us. You do not have to be spiritual to do this course. You do not have to have any prior knowledge of spirituality, religion manifesting, or anything of the sort. All that is required is that you are alive, and that you want to transform your life for the better.


How much does the course cost?


The course cost $11,110 per individual. For those who would like to experience the journey as a partnership with a loved one; the price is $17,777 for both people. If you are participating with a partner, please reach out to us at so we can send you a special link. All prices are in USD.


Is there a payment plan option?


Absolutely! You can pay for the journey in full or with 6 monthly payments. Both options are available via the Registration link via the Circle payment portal.


How does the course work?


The Divine Initiation works in a number of ways, but primarily through your participation in the program as designed.


Over the course of six months you will engage in The Divine Initiation by utilising several mediums including; video calls, somatic integration sessions, on-demand videos, reading, meditation, and good old fashioned visualization. After registering, you will receive a login to our Circle online community gathering space.


You'll receive emails as each new module opens up, with a recommended time frame to complete the lessons within the module. As you participate in the conversations that unfold throughout The Divine Initiation, you will have the opportunity to clear the past away for good, find balance in the present, and powerfully create a future of your own design.


What can I expect to get out of doing this course?


Each participant's journey is as unique as the goals that they desire to manifest within this course. What you get out of doing this course will have a lot to do with the goals you set for yourself inside of the course. The deeper your commitment, the more profound your results will be.


The Top benefits of participating, which are universal to course participants, are:

· Ability Manifest your Desires with Velocity

· Empowered experience of your Sex and Sexuality

· Unleashed Creative Flow

· Increased experience of Personal Power, Confidence and Satisfaction

· Nervous System Reset - providing a sense balance and calm in life


Will there be a lot of homework during the course? How much time will I need to set aside for this each week?


The Divine Initiation is not a traditional course. It is experiential by design and so there is no homework in the traditional sense. And, throughout the course you will be asked to think about conversations that you have participated in inside the work. At times, you may be asked to use a journal to capture your experience in The Divine Initiation. Most participants have preferred to set aside a regular time during their weeks to go through the modules and reflections, ranging from 1-2 hours.


As far as how much time will be required of you, there are up to two (2) group calls each month. Each call will last approximately 60 to 90 minutes. Beyond these monthly calls, you will self-determine how much time you spend deepening the conversations that you participate in and applying them to your every day life. As we move throughout the course work, you may find that there are times that you want to dig in a little deeper than others. However you Journey through your Divine Initiation is perfect.


What does 'manifestation' mean? I've heard this term used a lot, especially on social media, and I want to know how it is different from what I have already heard.


For the sake of this course, manifestation means the process by which something that is intangible and unseen becomes tangibly experienced in the physical world.


I am new to manifesting and ‘woo-woo’ stuff in general, will I be able to understand this course?


Yes, and no. The coursework is written in a way to engage beginners and advanced practitioners alike. That being said, at some point in the course you may come across words that you are unfamiliar with. When that happens I highly recommend you seek out a dictionary or ask questions in the group calls! When it comes to concepts that you are unfamiliar with: that is absolutely what the group calls are for. Bring anything that you don’t clearly understand to the group calls. So much sharing of wisdom, learning, and deep transformation happens on those group calls when you do!


I’m familiar with sex magic and tantra; how is this different?


Similar to Sex Magick and Tantra, this coursework uses your orgasmic energy to accelerate your manifestations in the real world. Unlike some iterations the aforementioned however, this work is not about sex or having better sex. This work is about Self-Mastery. We use sex as our access point as it is the easiest and most universally accessible way to introduce you to your Power and what’s possible when you stand in your Power.


I’m not new to work like this, will I still receive value from the course even though I am considered an advanced practitioner?

Absolutely! I created this work as an advanced practitioner. Each year I go through the journey myself alongside the participants. And every year, I’m blown away by what not only the participants, but also myself, am able to manifest with velocity as a result of doing this work.


No matter how long you’ve been practicing practical magic, or journeying along your spiritual path. This work will provide you with nothing short of a quantum leap in manifesting in the life of your dreams.


Is there a guiding philosophy for this coursework? I want to be responsible for my personal beliefs and boundaries.

Yes. The guiding philosophy for this course work is that you already have everything you need. The work we do together inside this course simply helps you to uncover what you’ve always had all along (just at an accelerated pace!).

Do I have to attend the live group calls?


The group calls are optional and highly highly highly recommended. Did I mention that I highly recommend you participate in the group calls? If for any reason you cannot make a group call live however, the calls are recorded and will be made available to you in the private Divine Initiation Group Calls channel on Circle.

How long do I have access to the course materials?


Program & Group Calls channels: You have access to your participant dashboard for nine (9) months from your course registration date (that's 6 months + a 3-month grace period).

Divine Initiation VIP channel: You will have Lifetime Access.


I can see that a major theme of this course is about sex and sexuality. Will I be expected to share aspects of what is arising around sex within the group calls if I am not comfortable? Will I have the opportunity to share what is arising for me privately?


Throughout The Divine Initiation, no one is expected to share anything if they are not comfortable. We strive to make this container a sacred and safe space for us all to share and be vulnerable, as that is where the deepest transformation lies for all of us. And we are committed to honoring and respecting everyone where they are. If something comes up for you, and you are not comfortable sharing in the group, you do not have to. If you would like to share privately you may reach out to one of the facilitators and set up a time for a 1-on-1 conversation.

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