Activation and Initiation

into the

Ancient Mysteries of Ecstatic Magick and the Sacred Sexual Arts

Listen to our monthly podcast simply entitled the Sacred EXchange. 

The Podcast

The Sacred EXchange Course is a 9 month experiential and exploratory opportunity designed to activate and initiate.

The Course

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Next level your spiritual path at one of our upcoming retreats or workshops.

The Events


Facilitated by Medicine Womyn Brandi Mazesticeon and Dina Smirnova, Sacred EXchange is a unique and multi-dimensional approach to the unfolding of our most powerful selves through the ancient mysteries of Ecstatic Magick and the Sacred Sexual Arts. 

About BM Coaching

Brandi Mazesticeon is a multi=generational Medicine Woman from both Native American and West Indian lineages.  She has shared her gifts of wisdom and healing as a success coach and business development consultant for the past 2 decades. Having healed herself of various disorders and attaining success in the corporate arena, she now focuses her combined gifts and educational background to empower Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Conscious Executives to effectively design and create a viable and sustainable future for Our Planet and for Ourselves.

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