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Duality: the Non-Reality

Duality: the non-reality

I downloaded and integrated this message some time ago however am not being guided to release this to you all.

In this NOW moment many of you are ‘being’ in between two worlds. Your body remains in the 3D/4D realm of existence while the real you, or the you that is too …expansive to fit inside your Earth vehicle has moved steadily towards the higher dimensions and the New Earth. As you have traveled your own unique path of Ascension, you have become One who is not who you were and yet not who will Be. You are in the Void. This is not the first or last time that you will find yourself in this space. That you are in this space, floating, spinning, wobbling, flipping is perfect. This is the space between realms, the space where everything/nothing resides. This is the incubator for creation.

As you find yourself desperately struggling to find the ceiling and floor, bring your awareness to your heart- and know that this space has no ceiling and no floor. There is no ‘being’ grounded here. Yet there is Peace. There is the Peace that passes all understanding in these sacred and hallowed halls of NO THING. If Peace is eluding you, bring your attention to your heart and create. Create a poem, a song, a dance, a painting, a sculpture, a book, a recipe; whatever your heart desires, create. In the void all that there ever can be is creation. You will find that your thoughts and emotions are yours and not yours here. That those things which at first brought you joy and pleasure is now bland, boring, unfulfilling. Create.

So, that new recipe you’re thinking of will contribute. Do not continue to undervalue what you do. Do not continue to undervalue what others do. Celebrate yourselves and congratulate each other. Lift each other in every way that you can, every day that you can. That new world you want?… this is how you are building it. Back to that energy which we see so many more of you feeling. Tap into it. Intention and attention will do that. Some of you will try to direct it. Some of you will allow it to flow. Some of you will produce Mona Lisa’s. Some will produce great pastries. Some will find new healing methods or new meditations. Some will think the results are not so great. These are value judgments. The value is really in the creating. Change something and create again. That is how new worlds are made.

In the 3D world you ‘grew up’ in, the illusion of Duality dominated and dictated everyday life. The distortion of Truth, became fragmented truth which each being picked up wherever they could find it; in religion, in culture, in family, in community. Black and White. Right and Wrong. Up and Down. Left and Right. Male and Female. Good and Evil. You and Me. All of these are fragments of truth that have acted to trap us inside of the illusion of our own creation.

Now is the time to collectively rediscover the Mystery of the One Life, Lived by the Great Living One. The old fragmented world does not exist but in the memory of the repeating mind. Now we can bypass it for good when we open up to what has arrived to here, the frequencies of Dreaming which is the primordial domain of creation.

Embrace the Void and allow yourself to accept this part of journey in which the path can only be seen with the eyes of your heart. Create and Know that you are God.

©2015 Oracle Vision Realm This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.

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