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Living into your Fear

Vernal Equinox/New Moon/Solar Eclipse

Living into your Fear

What you fear the most is precisely where you have hidden and will experience your greatest power passion and purpose.

In other words, when you experience discomfort,that is an indicator of where you have given your power away. Look into your fear and release all judgments, recognizing that what you have called fear is really your power that you’ve been judging.

Up until now, the human experience is a finite experience of limitation, the natural state of the universe is abundance and gratitude allows us to shift ourselves out of the old paradigm of lack and limitation into the universal reality of abundance.

Your thoughts come from your brain, but your emotions arise from within your body. Many humans have said that emotions cannot be controlled, which is true while you are experiencing fear-based consciousness. However, once you remember to send unconditional love into every challenge and/or stressful situation, you will become the master of your emotions. As a Master, you can control your emotions because you can control your state of consciousness.

It is your state of consciousness that determines your choices of perception. When you are in a lower state of consciousness, fear easily permeates your thoughts to create even greater fear. Then you seek the cause of your fear rather than your innate solution of unconditional love.

From the perspective of your higher consciousness, your thoughts and emotions do not need to “react” to life because you KNOW that it is YOU this is choosing/creating your life. In the higher dimensions, “choosing” and “creating” are the same terms. You choose to create your reality by choosing to attach your consciousness to that which you have chosen to attend.

“Where your attention is, there you are also!” is one of the most important aspects of ascension process. Another important aspect is, “There are no mistakes or accidents during ascension,” as YOU are the creator of your reality. As you monitor and take full responsibility for the frequency of your thoughts and emotions, you will increasingly flow into an ongoing awareness of the higher frequency thoughts and emotions that are infinitely within you.

True compassion is being able to love and recognize the wholeness and Divinity within a person to such a degree that they too, in their own time, can begin to see the wholeness and Divinity within themselves and others.

Acceptance: Reality in Action

Accept them for who they are/Accept me for who I am

When was the last time you said/heard the above statements?

For me to accept someone for who they are is to accept them as another myself and for me to ask you to accept me for who I am is for me to ask you to accept me as another yourself. The moment I accept you as another myself, everything else disappears and WE ARE ONE. In that moment everything else disappears and only that which is real remains; I Am/Love.

©2015 Oracle Vision Realm This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.

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