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A brief note on the New Moon April 18th

We are about to enter into the next gateway: the New Moon of April 18th. At this time relationships and our perception of Power are being driven to the forefront to be transmuted in Spirit and in Truth On the subject of Power:

There is a purity of Power that has not been experienced in this dimension. Power in its purest form is a self- actualizing phenomenon. Collectively, we have experienced power as an external force of oppression and subjugation. In this part of our journey back to Wholeness, Holiness or Oneness, this distortion of the Truth of Power is to be released and embraced by Divine Light. The Master that you are has all of the authority of the Universe to see Power in the fullness of Spirit and Truth and transform your thoughts, emotions and perceptions of Power into Pure Love Light.

As we continue to show the Way, hold space and expand consciousness for ALL THAT IS in this dimension, it is important to remember that our ‘work’ lies solely in the realm of our being. As you transmute the reality of Power where you are, you do so for all of life on Gaia.

On the subject of Relationships:

It is your Divinity that strives to move towards the light. It is your EGO that struggles to hold on to that which has already been.

Who you are in one relationship, is who you are in all of your relationships; including your relationship with the energy form we call money.

Consider who you have been in your relationships. As you enter this New Moon; choose to release your 3D/4D thoughts and emotions concerning relationships and ask your guidance to show you your Divine Truth in this area.

True compassion is being able to love and recognize the wholeness and Divinity within a person to such a degree that they too, in their own time, can begin to see the wholeness and Divinity within themselves and others.

©2015 Oracle Vision Realm This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.

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