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Balance, Twin Flames and Tornadoes

Happy Beltane!

Balance, Twin Flames and Tornadoes

The inaugural blog this year was titled Balance: Actualize Ambition.

This month, we will take another look at Balance and one of the myriad of ways it is showing up, showing out and playing out in your daily life.

2015 plays host to the last of several immensely powerful galactic gateways of human evolution and spiritual ascension. Why these gateways have been so intense and challenging for all, regardless of your level of consciousness has more to do with where these gateways lead than the seemingly chaotic energy blasts themselves. Each gateway creates a cosmic corridor that leads us to Balance; in every way and on every level. When 2015 does Balance, the road ultimately leads to the Divine Marriage. The Sacred Union of All That Is in form and physicality. We’ve been living inside the illusory reality of duality also known as an intense separation complex, where lifetime after lifetime, we’ve explored the idea of separation until we came to believe it as ‘true’. Now that we’ve exhausted that particular illusion, the universe is calling us back home to Oneness or simply stated to Truth.

To return to Oneness is to do an about face and return from whence we came. Enter the Twin Flame relationship. For those of you aware of this dynamic energetic playground, allow me to remind you that the Twin Flame relationship is indeed a spiritual dynamic, so no matter how or who you align with, this energy coupling will not start, look, or end in any way that is at all familiar to you. These are spiritual alignments of a higher dimension; I encourage and empower you to choose to ‘Be’ in all of your relationships as the multi-dimensional light being you truly are; especially your Twin Flame relationship if you have already had the pleasure of discovering said playground.

The Twin Flame relationship is all about a Happily Ever After ending; just not for you. More accurately stated this relationship is all about more than just you. This one is for the world; really. The Twin Flame dynamic is a sacred reflection of Father/Mother God incarnate upon the Earth. The real opportunity of this Cosmic ‘match made in heaven’ is to explore and discover the Power of the Balance of the Yin and Yang energies. As you allow yourself and your partner the freedom to ‘just be’, what unfolds is the mystery of the Sacred Marriage inside both of you! We each carry lifetimes of unresolved wounds and transgressions regarding ourselves and the opposite sex. These hurts no longer serve us, and they certainly don’t support a high-vibration way of life.

To truly heal and complete these age old stories of ‘male and female’, we must each step into that which we fear the most when it comes to the ‘other’. You may have found that in karmic and soul mate relationships when the going got tough, the tough (that’s you) got going, going, gone! In the twin flame relationship however, you will find that when the going gets tough, you get uncomfortable and then look to discover ‘what’s really going on here?’ To be clear, it’s in the looking for what’s really happening, not in the ‘sticking around’ that the healing takes place. When you look into a relationship for what is REALLY happening, you are inevitably left holding a mirror, for all relationships are reflections of both self and SELF. The twin flame dynamic is the divine ‘therapy couch’ so to speak, where you get to discover who you have been being in relationships, and who you have been being for yourself. As you embrace this truth of truths, you are left free to be who you choose to be and free to allow another to be who they choose to be as well. This is heavy duty healing folks, the kind absolutely critical as we continue on our ever upward spiral of Ascension.

Your Twin Flame relationship is essential in the Ascension of the entire planet in that if you attend for and allow the intention of this coupling to be fulfilled wherever YOU are, you will be left Perfected in your Divinity, Whole in your Heart and Complete in your Soul. The work that you and your partner are doing inside of ‘being’ together is an integral piece of the Divine Plan of the Return to One. However you and your mate matchup: Way shower and Gatekeeper, Light worker and Walk-In, Healer and Psychic; matters not. What does matter is that you both bring your full awareness; focus your intention and attention on what your union as makes possible for the world. Your relationship is a micro version of the Sacred Marriage of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies and impacts everything in the energetic radius of your relationship. And this is so.

Biology Pop Quiz- what happens when male and female mate? Okay that was easy. What happens when Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine align? That’s right! New realms of possibility are born; never seen before worlds are birthed into existence right before our very eyes and ears. Like the 3D/4D birthing experience of a new being, the 5D/6D/7D birthing experience of a new world is uncomfortable and filled with shakes, quakes, and tremors.


The impact of all of these amazing Twin Flame unions or Sacred Marriage contracts is that new worlds are being birthed on Gaia as the old world fades. That’s the ticket by the way; the old world is fading and new WORLDS are being birthed and given form through our conscious creation.

The worldwide ‘natural disasters’ are literally the labor pains and death throes of a sentient being who is releasing that which no longer serves and consciously creating that which is match for her innermost desires. This light being is Gaia, the planetary being we call Mother. She is ascending and we are in her space, her womb as she evolves. She is choosing to embody that which is for the greater good of all, for she remembers Oneness as Truth.

Support Gaia and yourself by allowing the release of 3D/4D energy in whatever form it arises inside of be it Tornado or the Divine Completion of a project or relationship. Bring your awareness to your own physical form, ask your body what fuel would best support you, acknowledge water for the sacred element that it is and drink water knowing that increasing the flow of water in your body increases the flow of ascension energies in your life. Allow the Water element to move in, through and around any blockages or barriers that seem to be unwilling to release.

Recognize that you are a mini planet, and how you feed and water yourself impacts all of Life on Gaia.

Remember the Truth of Oneness and send Love to the energy centers that are emerging from the depths of the Earth to once again become our Sacred Centers of Light. What occurs as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are really Gaia uncovering that which has been hidden from eons until we were once again ready to take our place amongst our family who have been guiding us from beyond the stars.

If you pray, when you pray, pray for the ever increasing frequency of Divine Love to permeate the atmosphere of Gaia. In this way you will support all of Life and empower yourself as the center of your own Universe.

©2015 Oracle Vision Realm This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.

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