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Moving from Duality to Unity Consciousness: The Great Awakening

By now, most of you are aware that you do not use your human brain at full capacity; the common estimate is most people use roughly 10% of their brain power. You may also be aware that the average human uses less than 10% of their DNA capabilities. Scientists often refer to the remaining 96% of inactive DNA as ‘junk DNA’. So it may not be surprising to learn that you do not actually perceive the totality of reality.

Your brain works to actively filter out of your perception anything that does not vibrate at the frequency of your individual (brain usage) capacity. In other words at any given moment of your day, you are only seeing, hearing, experiencing about 10-15% of what is actually occurring in and around you. Allow yourself to take a moment now and become aware of what is occurring inside of you and around you. As you expand your awareness and notice more than the moment before; you still do not perceive the totality of your reality. You do not perceive in full, partially because you do not yet know how Life works.

This is not something that is taught in your human schools of logic, in fact this particular lesson could be considered the graduate program of the school of duality and separation that the 3D/4D Earth served to instruct.

As shared in a previous conversation, your planet has begun her ascension journey and is bravely moving forward into the fullness of her multidimensional Self. As her children and inhabitants of her womb, you too are daily experiencing the increase of energetic frequencies and many of you are having the experience of being in what we know as the ‘Void’. The Void is the starting point, or the incubator of Creation. We will share more about the Void in detail in another conversation. For now, we will share with you that your brain was not created to experience the Void and so for many, this time is extremely uncomfortable and the keyword for the collective can be summed up as ‘Uncertainty’.

Your brain will attempt to teach you that what you are feeling cannot be correct for it will have no “proof” in the form of reference points for said experience. This is the challenge that many of you are going through at this time, those who are in your human life who also do not allow experience and are relying on the reference points will try to persuade you to listen to your mind and not your heart. This is purely because they are head centered and not allowing the heart to show TRUTH and only the HEART KNOWS TRUTH. The human logical mind has references to what it has been TAUGHT, not what is known because knowing only comes from SOURCE which is the ENERGY that YOU ARE in TRUTH and sits beyond the human logical mind.

At this time upon the planet the ENERGY that YOU ARE in TRUTH is attempting to show you TRUTH by placing before you experience of what is often termed the “unknown”. As you are TAUGHT within the old 3d earth created construct to fear the “unknown” many of you will be in a space where you have polar opposites with regard to your human mind OR your HEART space. In supporting you the universe holds the space for you to play with this, you CANNOT get this wrong, there is no “right” or “wrong”, there JUST IS, so many of you at this time are in what appears to be holding patterns, held by the universe as you navigate the New Earth frequencies that ask you repeatedly to make decisions based on how you FEEL and not what you think.

Many of you may be in a sort of “groundhog” day where the situation will appear to remain, this is your opportunity to make a decision from the HEART space and not from the human logical mind and as you remain true to your HEART space then the situation will begin to unfold, evolve and expand. Holding on to the logical mind interpretation of the situation will prolong the situation, it cannot unfold in anything other than TRUTH, for TRUTH JUST IS and YOU ARE. To allow the human life experience in TRUTH you are asked to let go and BE, follow your heart space and allow the experience to confirm to you that which you FEEL. This is the polar opposite of how you were taught that life is and why the old 3d earth created construct will appear to remain, for only by letting go of what you have been taught can you allow the experience to show you that which JUST IS.

Dear Beloveds, what JUST IS, is that you are not who you think you are and you do not exist where you think you exist. You are multi-dimensional beings. In truth; about 5% of your BEING ‘fits’ inside of your earth vehicle; a small portion of who you really are is present on the Earth. This is the ‘why’ behind the human phenomenon we mentioned earlier of your brain and DNA being utilized at such limited capacity. In Truth YOU know exactly how to use your brain and DNA at full strength, the 3D/4D life you been living inside of your earth vehicle has not required you to however, up until now.

Each and every soul upon the Earth at this time, agreed to attend this school of duality and separation with the intention of discovering what it would be like if separation were really possible. It has taken humanity many lifetimes to discover the answer to this ‘hypothetical’ inquiry. Now, as a species, you stand poised to complete your ‘time’ in this school, submit your final work in the lesson of duality and graduate- returning to Unity consciousness.

This NOW moment is requiring your species to release the attachments to what is known and what is familiar and embrace the Nothingness of the Void. It is in this VOID that your brain and DNA will begin to re-create and reform themselves to match your multi-dimensional reality. It is not possible for you to recalibrate your brain and DNA while remaining in a 3D/4D reality. The parameters of said reality do not permit for the full expression of your 5D/6D/7D Self to emerge.

Your Earth mother or Gaia as we know her has ascended to a 5D frequency and is rapidly shifting daily. She is preparing for a major influx of energies that will occur during the Solstice later this month. This massive pulse of light and energy will serve as a sort of reboot for the planet; anchoring the higher vibrational frequencies and realities that are now present. You will also experience this energetic reboot at a cellular and on a physical level (regardless of your current consciousness or vibrational frequency). We suggest drinking extra water, utilizing the calming and clearing properties of saltwater baths as well as allowing your physical vehicle extra rest as it demands.

As we approach this major reboot and assist Gaia as she (and you) move into the 6D; we give you this piece of wisdom: treat yourself as the universe and your body as a planet. Love, Honor, and Respect your vehicle as if it were Gaia herself. When you eat and drink, eat and drink what your vehicle has asked to imbibe. When you rest, rest knowing that the more you rest, the faster you integrate the packets of information you have downloaded throughout the day. You are a Master. You Inner Work is being recorded in the Akashic records for all of Life to reference. Many of you have already ascended into the 6D vibration and are showing the way for your fellow brothers and sisters to join you.

For those of you who have a concern about another who has not yet reached for a higher vibration or allowed for an expansion of awareness; Trust. Trust that they too are a Master. Their choice to remain in the 3D/4D school of duality is a Divine Choice of a Creator God/Goddess. Your concerns, judgments and opinions are of no effect to them at this time. Be Perfect, even as your Father/Mother God is perfect. And this is so.

Know Thyself

©2015 Oracle Vision Realm This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.

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