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A Total Eclipse of the (Lion) Heart (ed)


This beginning month of 2018 is capped on both ends with a full moon; but not just any ole’ full moon, January opens and closes with a set of Super Moons (occurs when the moon is closest to Earth- and yes this means it’s effects are more intensely felt by those inhabiting the Earth). The full moon that closes the month however is extra special and extra rare; January 31 will herald a rare cosmic event: a Super Full Blue Blood Moon, in the fiery sign of Leo. So what’s the big deal?

As mentioned above, Super Moon energy is amplified Full Moon energy, and we are all aware of Full Moon energy, if you aren’t then ask your favorite ER Nurse or EMS or Firefighter and they will tell you that humans get a little ‘extra’ this time of the month (they don’t call people ‘lunatics’ for nothing!), so imagine that a Super Moon means that humans are SUPER affected by this moon.

Blue Moons happen whenever there are 2 Full Moons in the same month (your local bar will probably have a special on the beer to celebrate this occurrence J), and the Blood Moon part? Blood Moons are called such because they appear to be russet to red in color-just as the name implies. So combine all of these and you get a rare occurrence that won’t happen again for about another 150 years! ( The last time this cosmic trigger happened was the 1800’s)

Yep, I called it a cosmic trigger: this moon is actually the end or closing of a portal of a triad of super moons- (three super moons happening in a row. The first supermoon occurred 12/03/17, the second 01/01/18 and the third tomorrow 01/31/18). Oh did I mention that this event is also a lunar eclipse?! Yeah- that would be the triggering part. See lunar eclipses happen when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth into its umbra. This can occur only when the sun, Earth, and moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle. Energetically, Lunar Eclipses serve to bring to light what has been lurking under the shadows.

The energies leading up to this pivotal cosmic event are volatile to say the least. With all of this moon magick happening in Leo, our heart is a literal battlefield with our EGO fighting the inevitable; the incredible return of The Greatest Force: Love. Leo rules the chest and upper back areas of our bodies. Old wounds from our childhood, particularly from our parents of the opposite sex are being triggered for a final healing review and release session. Many of us formed out identities based on these wounds, and been living them out/and living out of them in every encounter we’ve had with the opposite sex ever since. So many of us walk around with chronic upper back issues that are indicators of our daily struggle to keep love in, to protect our hearts and avoid hurt. Funnily enough, with all of the avoiding and resisting we’ve done, we’ve also still experienced hurt- over and over again. It’s time to step into Reality; letting go, and letting Love is the only true cure for our aches and pains. This is a time to heal our hearts from the hurt we’ve been carrying since infancy-and return to Love- Pure and Unconditional. You see as babies/children we loved unconditionally, naturally. As we grew and learned and observed and felt our way through our childhood; we created boundaries for ourselves that when reinforced became barriers against the very thing we most want, Love.

This Super Full Blue Blood Moon is our opportunity to release ALL of our barriers by letting go of our stories about ourselves and who we THINK we are and instead embrace the Reality of the KNOWING of who we truly are: Love Incarnate. This is BIG WORK! To accept that you are Love is to look lovingly upon all of your creations; even the ones you’re not proud of having created. It is to be completely undone in the light of Love; and to allow even your shadows to be exposed and at ease.

Bottom Line: this is an opportunity for a major personal transformation- one that leaves you following your heart, not your fears. Trust yourself and surf the waves of this massive event by accepting the shifts that are coming up for you, allowing your awareness to see through old patterns and barriers to your personal freedom. View this event in it’s entirety; as a supermoon triad that started in December, notice what you were struggling with in December and choose to release it now for good. Breathe. Be with nature. Know you are Love, and that you are Loved. Stay positive and stand in your intention that you created for 2018. This Supermoon is setting you up to manifest your intentions.

*Typically full moon energies are strongest 3 days prior and 3 days after the event. Eclipse energies however can linger for up to 6 months.

**As always increase your hydration levels and honor your bodies request for respite during these high energy times of transition and transformation. Take saltwater baths as often as needed to stay clear, grounded and balanced.


©2018 Oracle Vision Realm This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.

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