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The Truth about Your Desires

A little known truth about desire is that it is synonymous with destiny. Most people have confused desire with hoping or wishing or even coveting!

Desire is the seed of creation. Desire flows from emotion, and it is emotion that actually imprints a thought into the subconscious mind for manifestation. What you desire to be below the level of consciousness, you will be. In general, we adopt attitudes that contradict our emotions and desires because we are afraid of what others will think or say about us. In some way, we all go to great lengths to preserve our social façade.

In truth, your attention activates your desire. To even speak of desire is to first address the very nature of desire; what it means, signifies and how it creates.

Look at your life and see underneath all your actions, decisions, and analysis, lies the energy of desire. Desire is that energy that summons the power of creation out of the universe itself. Now look again at how pervasive your education in resisting desire has been in your life. We have all learned how to suppress our desires. How to withhold communicating our desires. Denying our desires as well as our birthright as creator gods. You would not exist if the universe had feared the desire to create and extend itself by forming you, at the same time giving you freedom of choice!

The freedom of choice is the one freedom that can never be taken from you. You are already a master of choice. Nothing you ever experience happens without your decision to act and allow it into your field of manifestation. Desire is an energy that incubates and arises from the depth beyond you. And can be experienced with the innocence and wonder of a child. If you want to create and manifest as the universe does, you will need to heal your conflicted perceptions of desire, transcending the energy of fear.

Without desire, you would see nothing, furthermore, without desire, there wouldn’t be a you to do the seeing…everything is the effect of desire. Desire then is not bad or wrong, it is not even to be feared; rather desire is to be mastered. To be clear, mastery is not control, control is an effect of the energy of fear not love.

Mastery of desire comes when you recognize that you are free to feel any and all desires that may arise in your consciousness, because you decide whether or not you will act on it and bring it into the field of manifestation.

Take a moment and ask yourself; are you willing to feel desire? Are you able to recognize desire as the creative energy of the universe? There is always the possibility that desire will be twisted to meet the needs of the ego. But know that if that happens- you are the one that has done the twisting. You have always known that desire is good, but you suppressed it. Those moments when you did allow desire to arise and let it become twisted in serving the goals of the ego; you knew very well what you were doing. You were the decision-maker. So now you fear desire, because that fear is the effect of fearing yourself and this is what stops you. This is what cripples you and cuts you off from creative flow. This is the foundation of the multitude of psychological diseases that are so common: unwillingness to trust one’s self, an unwillingness to love one’s self and the belief that desires that arise in your being are evil and dark and therefore there is something fundamentally wrong with you and with everyone else.

How do you heal your conflicting perceptions of desire? You learn. Learn to interrupt the patterns you have learned from infancy and allow yourself to release your judgment of the energy of desire.

Desire arises inside of your being from the depths of the universe. Consider that embracing the desire that bubbles up in your heart, may lead you to discover that you are the universe in ecstatic motion. Know that it is your judgment of desire shutting off the creative flow of universe in your life.

Desire is like water that moves through the trunk of a tree and allows the leaves to radiate with splendid color. When you block the flow of desire in your life, your leaves cannot be nourished. Death begins to occur, death of the heart, soul and ultimately lifelessness. Often I walk down city streets and look into the eyes of the people walking by, standing around, sitting down; and it seems that death has already made a home in the minds of many that appear to be alive. Death of dreams, hope, worthiness, and playfulness. Death of true power and death of connection with the universe has already taken place. Each of you reading these words has had this experience of seeing this in others, or even yourself.

Practice: What do I want right now?

For the next 30 days- ask yourself the question above upon awakening each morning. Allow yourself one minute to observe whatever may come up in the mind or felt in the body. Whatever arises, the point is to notice that by asking the question, something will respond within you. When that response comes, notice that there is a feeling associated with it, a sense of something that makes you tingle as your cells sing just a little bit- that is the elixir of life called desire.

Where have you been suppressing your desires? Comment bw.

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