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Being Present: What's all the hype about?

You are just one choice away from a different life.

As a Transformational Success Coach, I’m often present the moment one of my clients gets that their dream life is possible. These moments are one of the main reasons I’ve been coaching for nearly 20 years and why I love what I do.

See when you discover the PRESENT moment as your access to living in reality; rather than living according to your thoughts about your perception of reality, you can’t help but experience a shift in your being-ness. In your thoughts about your perception of reality, there is a limit to what’s possible, what’s available to you as a choice. In the present moment, ALL things are available to you; all possibilities exist as possibilities and even more important, in the present moment everything is ‘perfect’.

In the PRESENT moment, life everlasting is happening: there is no yesterday or tomorrow there is only ‘this’ moment, followed by ‘this’ moment, followed by ‘this’ moment. Each moment that you are conscious of; creates a space for miracles to manifest, for it is in that moment that you cease to do and begin to be. Take a moment and allow yourself to become present to the PRESENT moment in which you are currently residing; in this moment, there is no lack, nothing is wrong, things are…just as they are.

This moment to moment awareness of what is actually happening, rather than your version of what you see happening, is what is referred to as being present. When you are present, you can see clear and far, free from judgments and stories to the realization that nothing has been withheld from you; you simply have not chosen everything.

Inside of the illusion of separation, of yesterday and tomorrow, you believed that whoever you are; you can’t have everything. You can have some things, and if you want more than that, you have to wait for another day. Only another day never comes, all there ever has or will be is PRESENT, this moment.

Abundance is available in this moment.

In truth, all of us, rich or poor, are the same. What has us occur as individual are the lives we create with our thoughts. Each of us chooses our thoughts, which in turn create our realities. In other words, my reality and your reality may not be the same as each other or to a cultural reality for that matter. Being in the PRESENT moment allows you to transcend your personal reality to accept, embrace, and ultimately to Love All Things. To Love All Things is to be enlightened: filled with the divine light of Source.

What if everything you desire exists in the present moment, including: love, joy, forgiveness, peace, healing, and even success. As a matter of fact, your life is the sum total of the moments given to you. Moments come in all shapes and sizes and some offer opportunities that big and some offer opportunities that are small however each and every one of them impacts your life. Your moments can turn into monuments depending on what you create, commit to and coordinate your actions around.

Ask yourself the following questions: What do I desire in this moment? What is there for me to do in this moment? Who am I being in this moment? Allow yourself to experience the Power of BEING PRESENT.

As you contemplate that, begin to see through the veil of separation into the reality that there are other versions of you existing in other dimensions simultaneously. What have discovered out of practicing being present? Drop a comment and let me know.

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