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Why everybody is a person of 'faith', whether they believe it or not.

First let’s distinguish what we are talking about when we say FAITH. Faith is not a system of beliefs and it is an indicator of what you believe.

Faith is not positive. Faith isn't just for good people. All things are rooted in Faith, even those of us who have difficulties 'believing', use faith in our daily lives. We ALL use faith every day, everywhere, we're just not conscious of doing so, which is why miracles are so 'rare' in our world.

For example, we have complete faith that the food we eat will be broken down into nourishing particles for our physical form. We have faith that the air we breathe will combine with the sugar in our blood and form energy for the cells in our bodies. We don't 'oversee' our eating or breathing; we simply eat and breathe assured that we are doing the natural thing to sustain our well-being.

We have faith that the sun will rise, the earth will rotate, the stars will maintain their position in the sky and yet our faith is blind!

Faith is the factor that gives the driving force of conviction to a thought and thus imprints the thought upon the subconscious mind as a conclusion which must be manifested in the physical world. In other words, anything you are convinced of must become real in your life: Thought + Faith = Creation.

Healing, miracles; these are results of actions motivated by faith. Behind what we call miracles is the reality of the Universe. The reality of the Universe is that ALL IS perfect, whole and complete. Any experience outside of this reality is inside of an illusion. When people are cured of dis-ease, their physical body is manifesting the reality of their spiritual being as perfect, whole and complete AND like all good math equations (mathematics is founded upon Universal Law), this is true in reverse: when a person is dis-eased in the physical body, there is a malady in the unseen body as well.

- It takes as much faith to live a life of suffering as it does to live a life of bliss.

How does this work- you may ask. The answer lies in the dual nature of mind: Subconscious and Conscious Mind.

The subconscious mind is present inside of ALL THAT IS and this is the space from which all things are made, it is the intelligence that pervades all of creation. What the subconscious mind becomes is solely the result of an idea or notion placed into it from the conscious mind. Said another way; whatever deductions the conscious mind redirects to the subconscious mind, the latter creates in physical reality. The subconscious mind does not reason deductively like the conscious mind, rather it reasons inductively and whatever concepts it perceives, it creates according to its universal nature. The subconscious mind is always creating in our experience exactly what we believe in.

Now remember, Faith itself is neutral, working in either direction that the conscious mind directs the subconscious mind to create. If you would live a life of peace and abundance, discover what beliefs you have that direct your creative energy in the opposite direction of your desire.

What do you believe?

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