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Fear: What is it and Why?

The only energy that can separate you from divine reality is Fear. Our current relationship with fear has been created inside of a vacuum so to speak.

Fear is a prompter or a motivator (sourced by past-based conditioning), to one cause and one cause alone, Safety. Inside of the fear complex, (for that's literally what fear is and does provide you with is an intricate complex, like a maze of which you can't seem to escape) there is no access to reality; there is only the perceived threat and the innate desire to survive the threat. Any limitations you perceive are illusory and sourced by fear. Limitation itself is not an indication of impossibility; rather it is an invitation to live without fear.

Take just a moment and marinate on what was just communicated. There are two realities in which we exist: Unconditional Love and Fear. Fear is faith in negative things and circumstances. Egoic consciousness is a 'fear-full' consciousness. The EGO is fear! Fear is based on past experiences that are no longer happening, trapping you inside a confusing and frustrating matrix of survival that robs you of any real chance to survive: by connecting with reality. Now look. Look into your life: your car, home, neighborhood, job, career, relationships, family, where can you see the fingers of fear hooked in? Where are you comfortable and safe at the same time suffocating and anxious? How long have you been waiting for the 'right' time, person, job, chance, opportunity fix or change the situation, all the while present to a palpable fear of the unknown, of success, of failure.

Fear disallows you from participating in any reality-based conversations, rather you are restricted to conversations/lifestyles that accommodate your is fear that stops you on your path before you even get started.

Yet fear is energy, the same energy as everything else around us. Pure, powerful, potential--unlimited creativity is the nature of energy regardless of it's manifested form. In fact, some people make a living with their fears. Several celebrities are famous because they have embraced their frightening nightmares and shared them with you in books and on the screens. Spielberg, Koontz and many others have tapped into the pure potential of the energy that fear is and have benefited greatly.

Now you may not sell your bad dreams for millions, however you too can tap into the reality of the energy of fear and create your life based on your desires rather than your dreads.

To be clear; you can resist your fears and exist in your current conditions, doomed to repeat your past OR you can allow your fears 'to be' and live beyond their limits. The choice is yours in each and every moment to choose Fear or to choose 'Not' Fear. What you fear the most is precisely where you have hidden and will experience your greatest power passion and purpose. In other words, when you experience discomfort, that is an indicator of where you have given your power away.

Look into your fear and release all judgments, recognizing that what you have called fear is really your power that you've been judging.

Up until now, the human experience is a finite experience of limitation, the natural state of the universe is abundance and gratitude allows us to shift ourselves out of the old paradigm of lack and limitation into the universal reality of abundance.

30 day exercise: Over the next 30 days, at least once a day Ask yourself- 'Where am I denying my fear?' Allow yourself to be with whatever arises.

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