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Next Level Self Care

Hello lovelies! Brandi here; Goddess, Transformational Teacher, Bestselling Author, Medicine Woman and Founder of The Maze; and I wanted to drop in with a personal message for you, my beloved tribe. So, my mantra for 2022 is ‘Self-Care is not a Luxury’. To that end, The Maze is offering so many amazing opportunities to take your self-care to the next level. But what I want to share in this post, is my personal self-care practices.

When I first started practicing self-care, I really thought that taking a bubble bath once a week was it! Mostly because I was a new mom, and before that I had not done any type of self-care.From those early days to know, my practice of self-care has a course involved with me in my life. I have expanded my definition and context of what self-care is, and in doing so allowed myself to incorporate as many varied opportunities, actions, and experiences as I feel nourish my holistic self.

That is what I wanna leave you with more than anything, that self-care is personal to you. For me, I have an a core commitment to living a holistic lifestyle. So it naturally follows that for me, my personal self-care regime is founded upon a sense, or experience of being holistically healthy, or to put it even more simply, a whole person.

Whatever self-care is for you, I want you to feel courageous, and confident enough to push the boundaries of what you have done in the past; really take on expanding your self-care practice in this new year as an access to a deeper relatedness to yourself, and ultimately a deeper sense of being centered and grounded no matter what is happening around you.

Here are a few of my favorite self-care practices, as well as how often do I take them on. Like most of you, my life shifts and changes, and twist interns daily sometimes, so there are times when I might lean more heavily on one practice than the other as the energy shifts…

Green Smoothie (daily)

Yoga (3x week)

Dancing (daily)

Sea Salt Spa Bath Experience (candles, herbal tea, soothing music, sea salt and essential oils for up to 3x weekly)

Reading a great book (Monthly)

Mani/Pedi Day (Bi-weekly)

Massage w/Reiki Day (Bi-weekly)

Spa Facial (Weekly)

Fresh Whole Foods (Daily)

Connect to Loved Ones (Weekly)

Meditation (Daily)

Hydrate (Daily)

Orgasm (up to 5x weekly)

Abstinence (as needed)

Shopping (as needed)

Nature Therapy (daily)

Herbal Supplements (daily)

Nervous System Support (tincture and tea daily)

As you can see from this list (which is by no means exhaustive), self-care can look at many different ways. What matters, is that you were taking time to intentionally nourish your self in whatever way feels best to you that leaves you feeling empowered and uplifted.

I really like to hear from you all, what are some of your favorite self-care practices? Let me know!


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