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The Goddess is REAL! She is alive and well. Her energy is all around and in us. She shows herself to us through the moon, the earth, and our mothers, sisters, grandmothers, and daughters. She is LOVE itself. Divine feminine energy that holds the universe together. YOU have a cosmic mother, and she has always been and always will be. Know that she is not lost. If you want to find her, look within yourself. She has always been within you.

“The Goddess has never been lost. It is just that some of us have forgotten how to find her.”

~ Patricia Monaghan

Our Mother Moon

The moon has been a symbol of the Goddess for quite a long time. It represents female energy. Goddesses such as Luna, Selene, Artemis, and Hecate are all connected to the moon. Like the moon, the Goddess is and gives us the gift of intuition, creativity, and wisdom. She is literally a light in the darkness. Like the new moon, she guides us and provides supportive energies to us during new beginnings in our lives and offers us the courage to set true intentions for ourselves. Like the waning moon, she encourages us to spend time resting and reflecting to prepare for the next phase ahead. And like the intense full moon, she is powerful wisdom that enlightens and illuminates. She supports us in seeing clearly what it is we want to manifest and opens doors of opportunity to us.

Mother Earth

Gaia, Goddess of Earth. We see our Cosmic Mother reflected in her. She is swollen and teeming with life-force energy. She carries her children and nurtures them. She nourishes all living things with plants and herbs from her garden and fruit-bearing trees. She refreshes us with rain and water from her belly. Our mother god is not far away in the cosmos. She is right here with us and she is our nourisher. She is the peace we find for our souls to rest. She is the breath of life, the very air that we breathe. She is the great comforter. She is the breeze on a warm spring day, she is that still small voice on the wind. All are welcome at her table. She turns away no one for she is a Great Mother to all.

“The Goddess is not separate from the world - SHE IS the world and all things in it: moon, sun, earth, star, stone, seed, flowing river, wind, wave, leaf and branch, bud & blossom, fang & claw, woman & man.” ~Starhawk

She is you and She is me

We are Goddess when we are carrying an unborn child. We are Goddess when we feed the hungry and shelter the homeless. We are Goddess when we give back to and protect the earth. We are Goddess when we rage against injustice. We are Goddess when we stand in divine wisdom and power. We are Goddess when we trust our intuition. We are Goddess when we heal and live from our divine feminine power.

The Goddess is real and has always been here. She was never destroyed, only simply forgotten and she will no longer be forgotten. She is screaming out to us, “I am alive and well!” Can you hear her echoes in our world and in your hearts? Honor her now. Connect with her now. She is within you and is you.


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