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Spiritual Mentorship +

One of my gifts (and part of my mission) is supporting the Catalysts of our time to re-member and reclaim the power and purpose they incarnated to express. Whether you are a God, Goddess, Healer or Prophet; my Spiritual Mentorship experience is a unique approach to providing the world with the divine life we are entitled to as spirit beings in physical form. Rather than use traditional techniques, we will work from a foundational principal that everything is Whole, Perfect and Complete just as it is.


The path to becoming who you were created to be, can have a encounter with me as your Mentor be as intense as a 90 day blitz or as involved as a 1 year immersive program. Either way, you will leave your sessions equipped with everything you need to impact your life and the world around you with supernatural power and divine limitless physical perfection.


Bring your commitment and get ready to become someone who produces results that last. 


The mentorship program is uniquely designed for people who are naturally gifted in the healing arts.  You will learn the tools you need to consistently produce results that are effective and sustainable.  You will benefit from my experience as an indigenous medicine woman and, as well my experience as a student of biology and psychology.


WARNING: The spiritual mentor/mentee relationship is powerful and dynamic.  You will not only have access to my gifts and talents, you will also have access to my extensive network of resources from 14 years of being at the cutting edge of conscious living, metaphysical studies and transformational technologies.  If you have a clear vision of who you are for yourself, and are familiar with your natural gifts and talents; spiritual mentorship is the ideal support in activating and actualizing your dreams.


   "Your fear is where you've hidden your greatest power."                                                                                  - ~Brandi Mazesticeon

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