The 5 Laws of Success

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The 5 Laws
of Success
Win like a Woman


Are you overwhelmed by the reality of running a business and tired of struggling to have it all work?



Do you compare yourself to other successful women in business, convinced they know something that you don't?

Did you know that women own 40% of businesses in the US economy?

That's over 12 Million businesses ran by women like you.

Women control 80% of consumer spending in the US economy.

Women are also starting 1,821 businesses per day.


Yet women receive 45% less funding than their male counterparts when applying for traditional business loans, and less than 3% when receiving funding from venture capital.

These numbers are even more telling once you recognize that over 66% of women business owners are working as a one-woman show!

It's no wonder many women in business are frustrated, tired and struggling to stay empowered in both their personal and professional lives.

So the question is: How do we as women close the gap in our success?

How can YOU Win Like a Woman


...without sacrificing your integrity, your personal life or your sanity?

What if instead of overwhelm and frustration, you could:

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Trust Yourself

Leverage Your Potential

Discover yourself as a source of unlimited power to accomplish your goals. Develop the courage to let go of the past and the confidence to create a new future. 

Learn how to tap into the pure field of potential that lies inside of you and all around you. Attract opportunities for success that are in alignment with your Purpose and Passion.

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Maximize Your Success

Collaborate with other women in business. Forge empowering alliances with women like you who are committed to their success, and yours. 

The Secret to going from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed

The 5 Laws of Success to Win Like a Woman

I used to be that frustrated and overwhelmed fem-preneur. I started my first business at the age of 19, and quickly fell in love with the freedom and unlimited earning potential being my own boss afforded me. That was back in the 90's however, and as technology advanced, it seemed like so did the complications of owning my own business. 

By the time social media took over the digital marketing landscape, I was lost. I found myself trying to learn faster by staying up later and working harder. Eventually I figured out that technology wasn't my problem.


I was the problem. 

To be accurate, my mindset about my business and what I was capable of was the problem. Once I got clear about what was driving my success (it definitely was NOT technology), I was able to put what I learned into practice and build a thriving consulting firm.

Since then, over the past 2 decades, I've worked as a transformational success coach with leaders in almost every industry: from finance to medicine and industrial electronics to real estate. I've provided my clients with those same tools that allowed me to jump off the hamster wheel of 'new tech' and source my success from a far more reliable place. During my countless coaching sessions, I began to notice that my clients who were crushing their goals - regularly, all had something in common with each other. They were using the practices I provided in a particular order:



Law # 1 Power- Have a sense of yourself as being bigger than any circumstance you encounter.

Law #2 Passion - Be passionate about what you are up to. 

Law #3 Purpose-  Cultivate a deep connection to a sense of purpose tied directly to impacting humanity

Law # 4 Priorities- Be willing to prioritize and re-prioritize where you put your attention and focus 

Law # 5 Performance- Be so committed to winning that you intentionally spend time with other people you admire and feel can support the fulfillment of your goals.


Over the years, I observed that what made the difference between my successful clients and other executives and entrepreneurs was their application of these 5 Laws of Success in their lives.  Having coached plenty of successful people who did not utilize the 5 Laws of Success I noted that their success was like a 'one-hit wonder'.  Sure they accomplished a specific goal, but when asked to repeat the success- they could not. 


On the other hand, the clients who did apply The 5 Laws of Success to their life- saw a MAJOR increase in opportunities, recognition and income, PLUS-they are able to repeat their success in any area of their life-over and over again.


After 20 years in the industry, I know that the people who hire me want to be able to source their success consistently, and reliably, without being stopped or stuck. This kind of power is just a fraction of what is possible when you learn and practice The 5 Laws of Success. 


Whether you are a small-business owner, or an executive for a large company, The 5 Laws of Success will provide you with the tools critical for your success; now and in the future. 


As a woman in business, you are faced with unique challenges that include:


  • being flexible in a culture that is obsessed with 'upgrades'

  • both you and your company being seen as 'trustworthy' to do business with

  • attracting and retaining the 'right people' for your team

  • and ultimately redefining the leadership model to one that is balanced including space for feminine and masculine expressions of power.


Times have already changed, so much so that we women lead 4 out of every 10 business here in the US. Yet women-owned companies are only responsible for 8% of the US employment overall. 


Now that we've established ourselves in the global marketplace, there is an opportunity to expand our accomplishments and maximize our success by developing businesses that provide opportunities for our communities as well as for ourselves.


This kind of business development has historically been left to larger organizations. But not anymore. By utilizing The 5 Laws of Success, anyone committed to success; regardless of the size of their enterprise, will be able to dramatically impact bottom-line results, in real-time!


Introducing The 5 Laws of Success to Win Like a Woman Online Course.

Designed specifically for women in business, this course helps you:

Build Confidence

Gain Clarity

 and Make Better Decisions 

So that you can put your success on repeat and enjoy a fulfilling life and career.

 One of the major benefits of this course is that unlike other courses, this one acts as a practicum of sorts. Providing you with everything you need to immediately put The 5 Laws of Success into action in your life. From the very first day! An integral part of participation is joining and connecting with other women in business both inside the course and in your very own place of business.


As you work through the course modules, you will be equipped to powerfully leverage the 5th Law of Success to your advantage, maximizing your success, expanding your potential and increasing your confidence to produce long-lasting results in any area of life you choose. 

And when you get down to it, that's what you really want isn't it?


The confidence that comes from knowing the actions you're taking in life are leading you to the goals that matter to YOU. 

Take a look at what other Women in Business have said about working with me...


Dina, Coach + Instructor

"I highly recommend working with Brandi once you are truly ready to step into mastering and sharing your gifts with the world.”

Gina, Founder + CEO

"Working with Brandi, I received coaching unlike any I've ever had before. This really is a re-birthing of the mind and spirit. Brandi helped me identify the behavioral patterns that were holding me back in every area of my life, addressing the root of each pattern. She is extremely adept at creating a safe and nurturing space, one with accountability but without judgment: the perfect habitat to guide you towards your true expression and a life that fulfills you."

Kristina, Founder + Creative Director

"Working with Brandi will give you access to a new way of accomplishing your goals: Powerfully Achieving Success through Peace.” 

Why I'm called the Success Goddess

Shaman | Transformational Success Coach | International Best Selling Author



Historically, I've worked mainly with executives and entrepreneurs; people who have a commitment to success that propels them with purpose towards their goals.

Having personally launched twelve successful businesses in the past 14 years, managed business development initiatives for both Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, and effectively coached tens of thousands executives and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries, I can anticipate key challenges you will face as you grow. After 20 years in the coaching industry, including leading transformational programs for one of the leading personal and professional growth training and development companies in the world, I have a unique perspective on what it takes to win big and to do it over and over again. 



We all want to succeed in life. As a women in business, the ideal opportunity is one that will showcase your talents as well as propel you to the next level in your personal and professional growth and development. This course was designed with you in mind; offering industry leading success coaching for a fraction of the cost of working with me


The 5 Laws of Success are the foundational elements of how I pursue success personally, as well as how I coach my clients professionally.  

This course makes BIG promises.  And it delivers. 




This course is for you if:


  • You are a Coach, Consultant, Executive, Entrepreneur or work in a Service Based Industry

  • You are ready to next level your career performance and your life.

  • You are ready and willing to accept the shifts that come with expanding your capacity for success

  • You've been in (any) business for at least 3 years and have produced some results so far

  • You are coachable and willing to apply the principles of the course in your everyday life


This course is NOT for you if: 


  • You are unwilling to take new actions to achieve your goals

  • You have no interest in listening to your intuition, or trusting yourself

  • You are looking for an easy solution to success, or for someone to do all the work for you

  • You do not recognize that your inner reality creates your outer experience 

Commonly Asked Questions


Q. How long is this course?

A. The 5 Laws of Success to Win Like a Woman is delivered in 5 modules. Each module is designed to be taken on a week at a time. Although you may certainly spend longer than a week on each module, for maximum results we recommend working with the principles in the course for a minimum of 5 weeks.


Q. Do I have to follow the course modules in order?

A. Each Law of Success builds on the one preceding it; so as long as you learn and practice the Laws of Success in the order given, you will get the full benefit of this transformational course.


Q. Is this a LIVE online course?

A. NO. This course is pre-recorded.


Q. How does this online course thing work?

A. In this online course you will receive premier success coaching delivered to your inbox each week.  Feel free to follow the 5 Week Course Syllabus, or to complete the course at your own pace, spending as much time as you desire practicing each Law of Success.


Q. Will there be a Group Calls throughout the course for support?

A. Yes. There will be 3 LIVE Group calls with me in the Win Like a Woman Community, strategically timed throughout the initial 5 weeks of the course. After the initial 5 weeks of the course, you will maintain access to the private group, where you can received continued support as you progress through the modules. 


Q. What if I can't make the scheduled Group Calls?

A. Each call will be recorded and posted in the private group where you can access them anytime that works for you. 

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As a 'thank you' for investing in yourself and your success, I'm gifting you with a few extras...

  • Receive a FREE digital copy of my International Best-Selling Book: You Already Have It (Valued at $25)

  • Experience 3 LIVE Transformational Group Coaching calls with me, strategically timed throughout the course (valued at $1500)

  • Lifetime Access to private Win Like a Woman group with other extraordinary women in business (Priceless)



Win Like a Woman



One Time Payment

The 5 Laws of Success Course

FREE Access to the Win Like a Woman Community

A FREE 1-on-1 Coaching session with Brandi to Jumpstart your success before or after completing The 5 Laws of Success Course. (Value $500)


The 5 Laws of Success



One Time Payment

The 5 Laws of Success Course

FREE Access to the Win Like a Woman Community

3- FREE 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Brandi to Jumpstart Your Success; before, during and after completing The 5 Laws of Success Course. (Value $1500)

VIP Pricing for The 5 Laws of Success Mastermind Group (July 2019)

I want you to succeed...

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I know this course will make a HUGE difference for you as you manifest your goals into reality. And, if you feel as if you are not getting value out of the 5 Laws of Success to Win Like a Woman Course, just send me an email and I will refund you the cost of your course.

No questions asked. 


In case you're like me and you scrolled straight to the bottom without reading the whole page ;)

Over the years, as a transformational success coach I have supported countless amazing women in business achieve lasting success, utilizing these very same 5 Laws of Success that I have turned into a 'go-at-your-own pace' course for you. 

One of the primary ways The 5 Laws of Success work is by attracting new opportunities for increased resources: both human and financial. Regardless of where you are in your business; a vibrant team and reliable financial resources are always a welcome addition to your growth strategies.


If you're tired of feeling frustrated and stuck around taking your business to the next level, The 5 Laws of Success will accelerate your results and leave you with a sense of accomplishment and power.


Register today, You'll be glad you did!