About Brandi


Brandi Mazesticeon is the Founder and CEO of The Maze, a New Earth Lifestyle Brand whose mission is to empower people to thrive as they live intentionally, sustainably and wholistically; Being the Change they wish to see in the world.  She has studied extensively across several disciplines including: four years of Biology and Psychology, six years of Ontology, 14 years of Theology, as well as a degree in Business Administration-Marketing.  For the past 20 years she has distilled her combined experiences as a Transformational Success Coach.


Brandi has worked with CEOs and senior executives as well as organizational teams from Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. She is an International Best Selling Author in the Transpersonal Psychology genre (You Already Have It!);

but her metaphysical experience, in which her current work is largely rooted, spans more than 35 years. During that time, she has deepened her natural gifts as an Indigenous Medicine Woman and become an expert in Ethnobotany, Astrology, Quantum Healing, and Naturopathy.

Brandi’s work with The Maze encompasses her expression as a Medicine Woman; and provides ancient wisdom for modern success through Brandi Mazesticeon Coaching, as well as quantum and holistic healing through Maze Apothecary.


 All of Brandi's work centers on the concept of a truly wholistic lifestyle, one in which every person discovers for themselves their innate wisdom, power and expression of abundance. She believes that all paths lead us Home, to our Source Creator, and she teaches that all creation myths and stories are ‘true’ insofar as they are echoes of ancient narratives.


Brandi herself descends from a lineage of West Indian and Indigenous healers. This union of sacred cultures and practices, fused with her training in Psychology and Ontology, is the basis for her teachings, which explore the intersections of spirituality and science to find collective common threads.

She embodies the Divine Feminine mysteries, giving tangible form to the ethereal realm of the Goddess, as well as the physical realm of the Medicine Woman: provider of Wisdom and Healing. Through her writings, online courses, coaching, live presentations, and experiential offerings, Brandi supports others to create and maintain sacred space in their lives for peace, power, healing, and abundance.

Her guiding philosophy is that those who develop and maintain a consistent and sustainable spiritual practice – one that aligns with their own cultural values and spiritual beliefs – will enjoy a longer, healthier, and happier life. To that end, her mantra “Trust yourself, your process, your path and your purpose” reminds people that they are perfect, whole and complete just as they are, and that there are simply barriers to their experience of themselves as being so.


Those who trust and surrender to their Truth and authentic expression of their unique talents will experience a different peace; from there, all things are possible and will unfold effortlessly in perfect time.