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The Goddess has returned. 

The Temple has been rebuilt.

We are honored to Empower the

High Priestesses, High Priests,

Priestesses, and Priests of Today

as they serve the Awakening Collective.

The Sacred EXchange is a Shamanic education organization, providing channels of empowerment, manifestation and healing through transformational coaching, classes and retreats. 

Although seemingly trending in modern culture; Shamanism is the world’s oldest spiritual tradition. It has been practiced by indigenous peoples around the world for countless millenia. Each indigenous culture has its own unique practices connected to the people and place from which they hail.


The Shamanic worldview holds that we are all unique expressions of the Divine. All of us are here in this moment to accomplish something greater than our individual concerns, to provide a future for humanity that wasn't going to happen anyway. Just as you are on your path, we are on ours; and yet we are all moving towards One.  As another yourself, we have been where you are, feeling as if we were made for more; and also frustrated at the experience of being blocked in different areas of our life at the same time. In the moments of silence in between thoughts; experiencing the deep desire and the knowing that we were greater than even we could imagine.


You might feel stuck in your career, withholding in relationships, unclear of what your role is here on the earth and how to discover it, afraid to speak your truth, afraid to share your story; or you might be experiencing a shift, a major life change, a personal transformation and struggling to navigate what appears to be both chaos and a void. As Shamans, Transformational Teachers and Spiritual Mentors, We’ve been through all of the above and we continue to experience transformation. We are here to guide, encourage and empower you through your own unique process so that you can step into into the highest expression of your Divine Soul and experience a life of peace, power and vitality.

A person who is ‘alive’, will create powerfully from that space of aliveness, an effective and impactful atmosphere in which their life will not only thrive but succeed. After all, life is comprised of our relationships, and our relationships are reflections of ourselves.


The Sacred EXchange provides a sacred community committed to providing partnership and support inside of a dynamic and impactful relationships; laying the foundation for new possibilities of personal growth and expansion. As each new possibility arises, there is a profound and marked shift that emerges for both you and your life. Leaving you with the clarity, courage and confidence to create the life of your dreams.

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WE empower people who are historically high achievers looking to explore what will take them to the next level in their lives and support the manifestation of their ultimate goals.

At the Sacred EXchange we are dedicated to cementing a better future for all. We specialise in shamanic education, particularly focusing on sex, death, and all that pertains to the circle of life. Our aim in focusing on such "taboo" subject matter is to demystify what is unconscious, bring to light what has been known for centuries as "the occult," and empower the rapid transformation that is occurring on the Planet.

Founded on Ancient Principles of Living Harmoniously with Each Other and the Planet, The Sacred EXchange provides a modern sanctuary for people who are on the leading edge of transformation and creation as a rule rather than as an exception, and look to connect with other authentic, empowering energies as a source of preventative and interventional support of their goal of long-term fulfilment and success.

Our focus is to provide tools for empowerment, personal growth, and manifestation through experiential courses and master classes.

Founded in 2017 by Shaman and Medicine Woman

Brandi Mazesticeon, the Sacred EXchange features transformational teachings and cutting edge transpersonal psychology techniques from internationally renowned facilitators to empower and expand what's possible for you and your life.  


Our offerings support those ready to co-create a World emerging from the illusions of a patriarchal construct and who recognise the Balance of Light + Darkness within us All.

Each Sacred EXchange facilitator is carefully chosen for their ability to offer their gifts, experience and magick to dramatically shift their clients’ experience of life and of living via high-end and ultra-effective transformational experiences.

Our Mission is to educate and reconnect the world to the timeless arcane wisdom of the Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt and older civilizations.

We believe that each and every one of us is an integral part of life on this planet. Every one of us has our own unique life to experience and share.

Our offerings serve as an access point to help people discover the power to manifest their desires that lies dormant within them. 

At The Sacred EXchange we believe the human family was designed to live, play and heal together and that today’s modern culture of technology and convenience acts as a suppressant to our natural ability to heal through movement and connection with each other and ourselves.


Our offerings are designed to support you in listening to your soul and following your innate wisdom to care for and heal yourself and others: Mind, Body and Spirit.

Born in Azerbaijan and raised in the US, Dina is a Melbourne-based end-of-life doula and meditation teacher.

After completing The Sacred EXchange Immersion in 2019, Dina joined The Sacred EXchange Team as Director of Programs for The Maze and a certified Sacred EXchange facilitator.

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Brandi Mazesticeon; Goddess, Medicine Womyn, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Guide, Quantum Healer and International Best-Selling Author, is the Founder of the Sacred EXchange. Brandi co-facilitates the Divine Initiation and creates the magick behind the transformational programs of the Sacred EXchange.

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