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Oracle Readings

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Tarot Cards _ Crystals

Please note that while these are not physical healing sessions; you may experience the resolution of old habits and  patterns that greatly impact your well-being. ​

Before connecting with you by (usually by phone or Zoom) I will sit in meditation to review your past, present and future.  I also use my healing modalities to create an atmosphere of healing and openness with your session. A reading is very much like tuning in on a radio station and connecting as clearly as possible. You will want to open yourself to be able receive, allowing your willingness to participate to clear any obstacles to your receiving clear guidance.


It is a good idea to have questions written  down before hand to make sure you receive all that you are wanting to ask.  Remember: Everything in your current path is being revealed to you to show you what you have created by choice or created by indecision (which is also a choice). Your current path can change if you are ready and willing to change and move in a different direction.


Your reading will inform you if the current choices are taking you in the direction you want to go or if your actions are misaligned with your divine purpose. Your reading will guide you to make new choices and to move more powerfully and effectively.


Whether you are dealing with financial hardship, physical issues, a transition in career or a relationship that leaves you feeling stuck, I will look into what you need to do to make choices from where you're going rather than decisions from where you've been.

It is also important to know that after your private intuitive reading you may wish to journal your feelings and what you believe you might need to do to shift certain behaviors. Once you have received your recording of your session it will be a great opportunity to compare your journal with the reading.

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