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The Divine Initiation

The flagship experience of The Sacred EXchange; The Divine Initiation is a guided six month excursion to your greatest self.


The work is deep and transformative, exploring your psyche through the lens of your creative powerhouse: your sexuality.

Make no mistake, this is not for the faint of heart and it is the key to manifesting your best life in real time.

Your Best Life...In Real Time. 

Brandi Mazesticeon
Creator of The Divine Initiation 

This work is about re-humanizing yourself.

Our behaviors spring from the same basic programming that manifests as drives and instincts in animals. As humans however, we are the only animals that carry guilt and shame around our primal (authentic) sexual nature.

Guilt and shame that rob us of our ability to connect with ourselves and each other intimately, leaving us afraid, distrustful and looking to blame anyone and everyone around us for our own emotional experiences.


In this ungrounded and disconnected state we are at our weakest; unable to create a way forward for ourselves or our loved ones. Modern time reflect to us that humans actually become inhumane when we suppress our animal nature. Despite all of our conditioning otherwise, it's critical that we embrace our sexual nature because it’s such a vital part of our humanity.

So much of what we are challenged with currently is directly correlated to our refusal to honor this part of ourselves- like we’re shadow boxing our own demons while blindfolded. It’s no wonder humans are so resigned and cynical.​ It's also no surprise that we’ve intentionally been kept disconnected from our authentic sexual nature by the old world-patriarchal system.


 But the world has changed, and if you have the Courage- you can create a New You.

A You that is Confident, Powerful and Authentic.

"...In order for the universe to create from a point of exactness it has to honor itself first. The sun must fully shine for itself first, and then and only then can it shine for others. Is taking care of others an excuse not to take care of ones self? Is it an excuse for not doing the things one is destined to do? These are the questions we all must ask ourselves right now as the outside world tries to suck us away from what we see as our path of purpose...."

This isn’t about having more or even better sex.
This is about manifesting your desires with velocity and ease.
This is about owning your Power as a Creator God/Goddess
This is about living the life of your dreams…where you are sovereign in your realm.

This is about the Sacred EXchange.

In some way or form, we have all experienced trauma; we all deal with feelings of guilt and shame.

What we may not be aware of however, is that these experiences add up in our nervous system and serve to not only disconnect us from others; but more importantly from ourselves.

In this space of being disconnected, we struggle to value ourselves. We find that our actions are both not enough as well as too much simultaneously. We are left off center, out of balance, and ultimately with feelings of Being less than human.

Consider the five A’s of human needs as noted by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, PhD;


Just reading those five words above may have in fact triggered feelings of shame, guilt, and blame within yourself. Regardless of where you find your self in your life at this point, you are human. You are worthy of acceptance, belonging, and connection. You do not have to earn the experiences of acceptance, belonging, and connection. You do not owe anyone anything in order to have these experiences for your self. These experiences are your birthright as a human. And if you are not experiencing them in the way that you desire, a guided excursion into the deepest parts of yourself may be the start to living a life you love.

Our participants over the past six years have reported long lasting results including: Disappearing Life Long fears, Increased Self Awareness, Increased Self-Love and Trust, Increased Ability to Be Present, Increased Capacity to Experience Gratitude, Deeper Surrender to Flow State, Increased Capacity for Creative Problem-Solving and the experience of being re-birthed as their Divine Nature. 

Consider this YOUR invitation to join us and experience yourself like you never have before.

Over 6 months you will gain the keys to unlock your psyche, discover your unique soul signature and reveal your most authentic self.


In the Divine Initiation we do the deep dive work to unlock your soul code...

Lasting transformation requires community.
The Divine Initiation
features live and interactive community events to support your emergence with grace .

One of the biggest challenges we face individually and collectively is the primal urge to be witnessed and accepted as out most authentic self.


Unfortunately our  modern society does not yet condone authenticity let alone celebrate those of us who are authentic by nature. This is unfortunate because living an authentic life is the only sustainable path to living a life you love.


Despite what you see happening around you, on an intrinsic level you know you won't be truly happy until you are living a life of your creation vs the one that you've been living by default.

The Divine Initiation was intentionally crafted to provide you with the support and clarity required to Become a Magnet for Health, Wealth and Well-Being As You Claim Your Worth.

Our guiding principle is that You Already Have everything you need to succeed, and our intention is to support you as you discover that for yourself.
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The Divine Initiation is a 6- month immersive virtual course delivering transformative material via the Socratic method and includes:

  • Supportive weekly interactions featuring inspiring talks and recorded support materials

  • 2 - Live group calls with The Divine Initiation Tribe each month

  • Guided Exercises to Clear Your Energy Field for Maximum Manifestation Results

  • Nervous System Reset: Experience Powerful Somatic Integration Practices That Support Integration and Allow You To Release Ingrained Patterns on a Cellular Level

  • Regime Providing You with Tools to Manifest Powerfully, Reliably and with Velocity

  • All-Access Membership to Sacred EXchange Community Online *

Brandi Mazesticeon

The Facilitators

Co-facilitated by an international team of expert transformational teachers, you will receive real-time support as you create and manifest your best life experience yet.

Dina headshot 1_edited.png
Dina Smirnova
Director of Programs/Facilitator

Unfolding over six transformative modules, each part of The Divine Initiation is designed to take you deeper into yourself as the Source of your life experience.

Ultimately leaving you with a vibrant and healthy life, one where you easily manifest your desires into reality.


J. T.

"Powerful. Alluring, Divine. This work is the essence of rebirthing ones self."

If you are committed to taking your life to the next level - NOW


...and you are willing to receive support in  breaking through that plateau of limited progression in your growth and development...


then get ready to leave your past behind and create a new you - a you that loves your life!

The Divine Initiation is an intimate, personalized opportunity to work with international transformational leaders & deepen your spiritual practice as you discover what’s possible when you experience your sexuality from a place of being anchored in your confidence and power.

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