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The Butterfly Moon
Shadow-Work Journal

a Guided Experience into Your Soul

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Shadow-work 101

Shadow work facilitates us becoming whole again. It works on the premise that you must own your Shadow, rather than avoiding or repressing it, to experience deep healing. Proponents of shadow work say it can help heal generational trauma, allow people to rethink the messages they send children in their life, cope with emotions in more constructive ways, and feel more whole.


Traditionally, Shadow Work fell in the realm of the Shamans, or medicine people, as well as the priests and priestesses of the archaic periods of history. These days, Shadow Work falls more commonly in the realms of psychotherapy, with psychologists, psychiatrists, spiritual guides, and therapists showing the way.

Please note: Shadow Work exercises should not be undertaken if you struggle with low self-esteem. Before doing Shadow Work, we strongly and emphatically encourage you to work on cultivating Self-Love. If you feel the need for support in this area; consider scheduling a Divine Alignment Call or joining my Sacred Community Circle.


Shadow Work should only be undertaken by those who have healthy and stable self-worth and a friendly relationship with themselves. This daunting and often frightening task is a requirement of every person. But you don’t have to go at it alone. Shadow work can be done in therapy, but there are some exercises you can do on your own.


Some Benefits of Shadow work can include:


  1. Deeper love and acceptance of yourself

  2. Better relationships with others, including your partner and children

  3. More confidence to be your authentic self

  4. More mental, emotional, and spiritual clarity

  5. Increased compassion and understanding for others, particularly those you dislike

  6. Enhanced creativity

  7. Discovery of hidden gifts and talents

  8. Deepened understanding of your passions and ultimate life purpose

  9. Improved physical and mental health

  10. More courage to face the unknown and truly live life

  11. Access to your Soul or Higher Self

  12. A feeling of Wholeness as a person

  13. Healing generational trauma

  14. Learning healthy ways to meet your needs


It’s important to remember that there are no quick fixes in Shadow Work, so these life-changing benefits don’t just happen overnight. But with persistence, they will eventually emerge and bless your life.


Here is a list of five questions to ask yourself before starting shadow work:

  1. Who am I?

  2. What do I want?

  3. What do I have to let go of to get the things I desire?

  4. Who do I have to become to receive those things?

  5. How do I want to show up?



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