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Spring is Coming. Ready to Succeed?

I’d like to start this post off with a little something different. Many of you may not know that I was a member of the Georgia Poetry Society for some years, active in the Pine Mountain Poets and traveled regionally to speak on writing, writing poetry and in general; living as a creative being in a technical world. My recently published work You Already Have It, is not my first publication; nor I dare say, will it be my last by any means. Regardless of the details I’m sharing about what I’ve accomplished, what I really want you to know is that everything that I have ever accomplished that has been worthwhile- I have accomplished inside of partnership or community.

We are entering into my favorite time of year: Spring. I was born in the spring, this month to be exact. As I write this, the moon is full in the sign of Virgo with the Sun languishing in the depths of Pisces, and I am (waiting rather impatiently on Aries season and) elucidating what has truly given me the experiences which I deem as successful in my life . It’s natural I suppose to be a bit introspective around one’s birthday. Right? Well the truth is, I’ve been a success coach since 2006, that’s 12 years of coaching others to be successful in their life on their terms (before that I was a business consultant). Given success is what I empower others to achieve, I figured you all might find it interesting to learn what has comprised my own success.

As I look back over the years, there are 2 clear factors in my success, and I’m going to share them with the intention that you discover for yourself what has you win, and then go hard using your own winning formula. For me, the first principle that leads me across the finish line each and every time, is an invincible belief in myself and that I have what it takes to get the job done. This is crucial. Many people don’t succeed simply because they don’t believe they can. Now let me be crystal clear-everybody fails at some point; especially me, I say especially me because if there’s one thing I am reliable for-it’s going hard after my desires. As someone that’s willing to go hard-I’ve become someone who is willing to fail even harder. I have failed more times than many of you will even try to succeed. I’ve started 14 successful businesses in 12 years; that’s empowered talk for I’ve failed at dozens of business ventures before I found my formula for success. The reality check here is: If you don’t believe in you, no one else will. Not because you’re not worthy, not because you’re not amazing-but simply because they won’t know how. That’s right, believing in yourself teaches the people around you how to believe in you too. You see each of us is a unique combination of gifts, flaws, talents, fears, skills and dreams. YOU are the only expert trained to believe in you. The people in your life care about you and want you to win, however they are viewing you from their own unique perspective. You must TRUST YOURSELF and champion your own dreams before you can expect anyone else to do the same.

The second principle that has made me an indomitable success is partnership or community. My default programming is the Lone Wolf (I am an Aries after all). I am highly skilled at doing it all by myself and doing it faster and better than I do with a partner. Imagine my surprise when I learned (some time ago) that although I’m great as a solo act; the very nature of going it alone leaves my success limited to my personal capacity. Did I mention that I like to win and win BIG? For those of you who are like me; winners, at some point winning at the level you truly desire requires you to operate as a team or in a community. Now I’ve played around with this principle in various forms over the past decade and my favorite variant by far is the Mastermind Group. I prefer the Mastermind Group to other team formations simply because I get to play with a group of people on my level. As a coach, I’m always in partnership; with my clients, my support team, even other coaches. Partnerships are awesome because they expand my results by however many partners I have. Hence my love for the Mastermind Group; with anywhere from 5-35 people, all playing to win, my results are expanded exponentially. It’s like I get to be in multiple places at the same time and everything I bring to the group is accelerated by the Mastermind effect (If you aren’t familiar- this is a core principle in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill).

So there you have it; the top 2 principles that have kept me at the top of my game for over a decade. I encourage you to discover your success principles. Spoiler Alert: Whether you’ve already figured it out or not- I’ll go ahead and tell you that my success principles are yours too! ;)

On that note: I’m starting a new Mastermind Group this month and I’d love to have you join me. This group is for people who want to accelerate their profits. It will last just 90 days – and because I want people who are really ready to win BIG- you gotta pay to play. No worries- I’m offering 90 days of performance training with me at 80% off what I normally charge my clients. See this is something different than success coaching- this is performance coaching for winners. We’re going to go hard the entire 90 days and at the end- our lives and our bank accounts will never be the same. Come play with me, after all, it’s my birthday month (and you’ll win with me if you want too)!

Cheers to your success (and Happy Birthday to Me)!

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