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Activating Pleasure

One of the most powerful ways to enhance your personal magic is through the transmutation of your emotional state. That is to say your ability to shift from one emotional state to another, is the defining factor in how effective your intentions are placed into the world around you. There is no way around this. No matter what your emotional state is, the intensity of your emotional state, and your capacity to move from one to the next, literally releases your will/energy into the universe to produce results.

For example, if I want to do magic around my love life, I would allow all of the emotions I have around my romantic reality to arise within me once present to all of the emotions surrounding my romantic life; I would, then actively visualize the romantic life that I want and hold that vision until my emotional state shits to match that vision. Once completed; this transmutation of my emotions is the magic/spell/ritual.

For the sake of this conversation, however, we are going to focus on the importance of experiencing pleasure in your body/life. Pleasure is principle. Without pleasure, we would be lost in a sea of emotions. Think of pleasure as your anchor point, your guide post for your emotional experience. Really, without pleasure, all you would know is grief, fear, despair, sadness, etc. said another way; all of the emotions that we consider to be positive such as happiness, joy, relief, love, excitement, are actually experienced as pleasure within our bodies.

To that end pleasure is the one emotion that has been villainized particularly during Victorian, Puritanical and Current times. It’s like people have sworn an anti-pleasure oath, and are determined to uphold that oath to the bitter end. But the reality is without pleasure, life is meaningless. This is one of the key lessons for you to innerstand as you advance on your spiritual path. One of the most effective tools used for limiting and suppressing authentic leadership is the suppression of pleasure.

Remember, you are born from desire, for desire, and within desire. Pleasure is a derivative of desire. There is no manifestation without desire. Desire is divine. However, being attached to your desires can lead to suffering. Your desires are an integral part of what sages call the divine spark within each of us. It is natural for you to desire. Rather, than judge your desire; a worthwhile practice is to re-contextualize your desires for yourself instead. Explore the intentions of your desires fulfilled. Is there a deeper commitment to peace? Freedom? Or love? At the core of your desires? This is a powerful exercise that will allow you to deeply connect with your desires, as well as manifest your desires more readily in every area of your life.

For the next 24 hours; I invite you to consider exploring the different ways that pleasure can and does arise in your life experience. Allow yourself to discover something new about how you experience as well as express pleasure- both with yourself and with others.

This simple act of allowing and acknowledging the experience of pleasure will activate your mind to perceive pleasure. Your capacity to perceive pleasure is tantamount to your effectiveness in manifesting your desires; be they something as mundane as a new home for your family or as intangible as self confidence in your career.


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