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“If you are searching for God/Goddess, go look in the mirror.” ~ Moonchild Hope

Many of us were more than likely raised in a belief system where we were taught that God is a great being who created us in his image and likeness. We probably had an image of a very big being sitting on a gigantic throne in the heavens somewhere far away from us. You probably also grew up with the concept that you could in fact be separated from this God if you sinned or caused him pain, but if you appeased him, then you could return to him or he would come back to you. On top of that, you were probably taught that if you did evil deeds during your journey on earth and never acknowledged this God, then you would be in danger of spending your afterlife separate from him for eternity. In writing this, I can sense some of you being triggered at this moment. (If this is you, my heart goes out to you with compassion.) I encourage you to stay with me until the end of this blog dear one. Why? Because you deserve to receive what it is I have to share with you today.

“ We are all one, no matter in what form, space, or time. As one we can change the world if we start changing ourselves.” ~ Akiane Kramarik

Separation is an illusion.

Let me begin by saying that the concept of separation itself is an illusion. It is not real. We live in a world that has laws and constructs of separation, and this is all some of us know and experience. From race & ethnicity to geographic location, spiritual beliefs, and economic status. All these things present differently with each of us, so we are left experiencing the illusion that because we are different we are separate. The illusion of separation is what has caused hate and wars among us. It has even caused a decline in the life and vitality of the very planet we live on. We believe that we are separate from Mother Earth and that we can treat her children and inhabitants without honor and respect. We have only hurt ourselves. So, what can we do? How can we awaken from this illusion? I will talk about a resource for you later in this blog. For now, I will say that for some years now many people have experienced this very awakening. Through their spiritual experience and connection to Source they have come out of the dream of separation and stepped into the reality of oneness. My belief is that because we are all connected, as one soul awakens then it can activate another soul to awaken, and the another soul, and so on.

You are God!

I recently heard someone say, as a matter of fact, this was a child who said this. He stated that “we were never created, we always just were.” Just as the Source Creator always was and will always be, so are we because we come from Source! If we in fact come from Source, then we are a part of or an extension of Source. If we are an extension of Source, then WE ARE SOURCE! You are God and I am God! Remember there is no such thing as separation. We are God having an experience as humans in our own reality. A reality that we are continuously creating. Now, some call Source the Universe, others God or Goddess, and some say the Divine. I don’t really care what name you place on it, I more so care that you know that this Source is love and that love is the only thing there is!

Nothing and No one, not even you yourself can separate you from Source Love (or God/Goddess). Love is all there is. There is a text in the Bible that states, “God is love.” (1 John 4:8) Another way you could say this is Love means God, and God means Love. OR, Love = you and Love = me. YOU ARE LOVE!

Let that sink in dear one.

“ In the end, we are all one, and all we are is Love.”

We are here to help.

I know that at first reading something this thought-provoking can be hard to accept or trust. This can be hard for many reasons, but if this concept has piqued your interest or even touched your soul on any level I am happy. I want to let you know we here at The Sacred Exchange want to help support you on a mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical level. The beautiful part of this (and the part that gets me the most excited) is that in reality, you don’t even need our help. If you simply close your eyes and go within, and declare that you want to awaken to the fact that you are Source Love, then you will at that very moment begin to awaken to that truth. Your mental, emotional, physical & spiritual bodies will begin to calibrate themselves to your declaration and your life will begin to align with that truth. Isn’t that exciting?! That’s how powerful you are! However, if you would like support in your personal journey of awakening then we would love to support you in your expansion. We have many resources that will help you along your spiritual awakening from sacred oils and teas from our apothecary, to courses such as the Divine Initiation, to healing sessions, and oracle readings. Visit for more information about all of our offerings. There is something there for everyone.

In closing dear ones, I leave you with these words. Whenever you are speaking with another person, know that you are speaking with God. When you are spending time with your children, know that you are spending time with God. When you look in the mirror, know that the reflection you see is the reflection of God. When you touch the earth, look at the sky, bathe in the sun, or admire the moon, know that they all are you. We are one.


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