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Highs and lows, fast and slow, exciting and boring, and everything in between. This is life sometimes, right? These are the paces of life. Sometimes things are hectic and non-stop. Other times life is exciting and adventurous and everything is going great! Then there are the times when it seems that there is one pitfall after another happening. How about the slow and mundane seasons of life, where things are just blah, and you’re not sure what to do or who to be? For better or worse, this is life. However, do you notice that each one only happens for some time? All of these phases are temporary. They come and they go, and then they come back again. Wash, Rinse, Repeat! 

Just like the phases of the moon and the seasons of earth, so too do we have our phases and seasons. This is a part of the human experience. This is a part of life, and when you stop to think about it, it’s beautiful. Each phase comes around to teach us something new, to show us something we have not seen before, and to have us experience life differently. In our immaturity and negative mindsets we can perceive some seasons to be a bad thing. Now, in a very honest moment, some seasons do hurt and cause pain, of course. However, does it mean that whatever particular season you are in is bad? Is Winter a bad season because it’s cold, and gray and things die? Is the Spring bad because of all the pollen and insects that come with it? Is the Summer bad because it’s god-awfully hot?! No! Not all! There is so much beauty in each season and ways to enjoy them isn’t it? So, why should the seasons of our lives be any different? 

What is your season trying to teach you? What message is it bringing? You may currently find yourself in a season where nothing seems to be happening, and you are just living your everyday life. There’s nothing new going on. You might even say life is boring at this time. (Side note: Your boredom could be someone else’s peace.) Ask yourself, what is this season showing me? You have the opportunity to shift your context around this time. Instead of being bored, you have a time of solitude to rest and focus on what matters in your life. Perhaps you have more time to do what you love or to discover what that is. You never know, your next season might be busy and fast-paced. So, instead of trying to make something happen and go against the natural flow of your season, embrace it and choose to see the beauty and wisdom this time has to offer you. Learn something new to take into your next season. 

I want to address the elephant in the room, something you readers may be asking yourself right now. What about the painful and hard seasons of loss and heartache? How could there possibly be anything positive during that time? Well, I am asking myself the same question as I write this. Let’s just be honest, these seasons suck! I do not handle them well at all (or so I think, maybe I do handle them ok and getting better as I grow) I just recently came out of a painful season myself. During that time, I took some actions that helped me through. I prayed and I exercised more, changed my diet, and consciously practiced gratitude. I learned to let go of what I could not control during that time. I learned to take responsibility for my actions and reactions alone, and not worry about the actions of others. I learned to go within and heal myself instead of waiting for someone to make things right for me. I became stronger. I do not make light of anyone’s painful season at all. They all look different and we all process them as we can. My message to you is to not give up but to keep moving forward during this season to see what it is offering you and showing you. Be ever so proud of yourself for making it this far. The way you process will be different from how others process, and that is ok! This is your journey and season. Just take it one step at a time and one day at a time. The season will pass and you will find yourself in the Spring before you know it. 

In every season be grateful, be love, be peace. Life is a winding and wild river. Some parts are tranquil and gentle. Other parts are fast and intense. But it is still life and ever flowing. Know that whatever season you find yourself in is perfect for you and you alone. Start each day finding something to be grateful for, and know that you are not alone. You will be surprised by the people the Universe will bring into your life in each season to walk with you. Free yourself from limiting mindsets and embrace all that life is offering you. 


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