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Manifesting Made Easy


Your life is a result of your thoughts made manifest. Regardless, many of us choose to focus on the world around us rather than focus on what we are thinking about. What you think about, you tend to focus on. What you focus on, you magnify. The subconscious mind creates according to your beliefs. Your beliefs are sourced by your thoughts. Nature denies us nothing and we always get exactly what we have asked for, what we have believed for. In other words; there is no limitation, lack, failure or despair which we do not create for ourselves in our own minds. All that we experience is an effect of what we choose to focus on. The perceptions that you most desire are the ones that you are experiencing in any given moment. Each thought or perception held in the mind immediately generates your experience. You will only experience what you desire.

Now, consider that it is actually easy to create abundance, success, and health in our minds. Manifesting in our physical world is also easy, because the nature of our subconscious mind is that of the universe. And the nature of the universe is dynamic flow. How can you experience this in your own life?

Most of us have been living out our lives in the drama of resisting the unknown, unfamiliar, or unseen. Resistance is what actually causes you to lose focus on what’s in front of you.

There is no authority in resistance.

Each moment is a teacher, life events manifest when you are ready to learn the lesson they bring. Your reaction to the event indicates what you need to learn about yourself. When a something seems bigger than you, resistance is your natural response which triggers fear.

Placing your focus on what you do desire to manifest in your life, rather than what you don’t is your doorway to actualizing abundance. Having gratitude as your default attitude is your key to unlocking that door. What do I mean by gratitude as a default attitude? Take a moment and look for yourself in this moment and determine what your default attitude is. Everyone has a default attitude, mine is ‘don’t make me wrong’. As you can imagine when my default attitude is running the day, I find myself having to prove to myself and others that I’m right! Gratitude re-calibrates our attitude to ‘receive’. Gratitude is a higher frequency than our default attitude, opening us up to the wonder of the flow of the universe in that moment. When we have an attitude of gratitude, we are no longer resisting the flow of the universe in our lives, and are able to live in that flow.

Stop and ask yourself right now; where is my focus in this moment? How do I perceive the world? How do I perceive myself? Where am I in this moment, and is this supporting what I’m up to on the planet? Share your discoveries in the comments below.

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