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Want Lasting Wealth and Success? Use your Imagination.

Welcome to reality, where you are the creator of your destiny, the captain of your ship and the champion of your own dreams. – Brandi Mazesticeon

From imagination to manifestation, what does it really take to live the life of your dreams? To live the life you’ve always wanted?

To answer this, we must first recognize that we are Divinity incarnate that has forgotten our point of origin. The day-to-day demands of life keep us focused on our circumstances; on our perceived lack, on what is missing or wrong rather than what TRULY is. Freedom in any area begins when we are able to be present to what truly is; just the way it is and just the way it isn’t. This is not ambivalence, rather this the powerful starting point of creation: the jumping off point if you will. When we are present to what truly is and what truly isn’t without judgment, then we have the opportunity to truly create something from seemingly nothing. From here, we can allow our desires to emerge in the intangible realm, and focus our intention upon the manifestation of these desires in the tangible realm. The key to the success of manifestation is the release of any and all judgments or attachments.

When we judge something; think that it should be a certain way, we create invisible attachments to the outcome of our creations. The judgments or attachments don’t keep our desires from manifesting, they simply keep us blind to when our creations do manifest! Our judgments and attachments act much the same as blinders on a horse; we see only that which matches our thoughts about the desired outcome. It is interesting to note that these blinders work truly, in other words our attachments keep us from seeing what we manifested; as well as that we were at the source of the manifestation! This begins the cycle of frustration and fatigue that many of us categorize as ‘life’. We allow a desire to emerge, we focus on this desire: what it would look and feel like in our life, then we have thoughts about this desire manifesting and create judgments and attachments (‘if this…then that…’) that blind us to the actual manifestation of our desires (we are looking for our desires to manifest according to our thoughts which is possible at yet extremely rare at this level of conscious creation), so we assume that we did not actually manifest anything, and that this process does not work or, that the process may work; but that we ourselves are not doing it right. At this point, most of us fall back to judging ourselves as insufficient or ‘not something enough’ and in the words of Lewis Carroll, “thus endeth the croquet game”.

The provocative truth is that we are ALWAYS creating and manifesting. We are just not conscious of doing so due to the blinders that our judgments and attachments place over our senses and perceptions. Quite literally the way the universe works is through creation and manifestation. Science is now proving the phenomenon we call ‘miracles’ are actually the response of matter to our thought forms! You are creating your life, moment by moment, day by day. All of creation starts with a desire and then through our focus and intention, form takes shape around our desires until that desire is incarnated in the physical realm. This is the universal principle behind Napoleon Hill’s highly regarded books on success.

The first step in Tapping into Imagination to Create Wealth; is to allow and accept that this is a universal principal and that it is not personal. The universe is no respecter of persons. There are immutable laws of the universe that when tapped into allow you flourish in ways you have not yet imagined. These principles or universal laws operate in the background of your life every day. The best example of this is gravity. Most of us have heard of gravity and have some idea of how it works right? Well even for people who have not heard of gravity and can’t explain it, they are still subject to its operating principles as it is a universal principle.

So as you begin to tap into your imagination to create wealth remember that it is not personal. This has nothing to do with your education, your parents, their education etc…this is a universal principle that you are subject to whether you are cognizant of it or not.

The next step is to allow yourself to begin to get present to what is and what is not in the area of money in your life. You literally want to free yourself from the judgments and attachments you have around money, be they inherited or self-realized. Again, the purpose is to align with the universal principle of creation and create wealth purely from desire rather than from a concept about wealth. This really is far more challenging than it sounds. Like universal principles, you have judgments and attachments about everything operating in the background of your life; especially when it comes to money. You have inherited, bought into and even self- realized numerous truths about money and the people who have it as well the people who don’t have it!

Consider that is these judgment and attachments that are being reflected in your bank balance. Right now, you tap into these judgments and attachments to create your current financial situation. We are about to explore what would be possible for you financially if you tapped into your imagination instead.

When I say imagination, many of you might have a flashback to something related to childhood; maybe your own childhood, or that of your children’s. As adults, we have forgotten the world of imagination and so we are left incapable of tapping into the powerful, fertile field imagination is for our desire. Imagination now lives for us a concept. Conceptually only children and ‘creative’ types use their imagination. Many of us are familiar with the adage: ‘I gotta see it to believe it’. That saying is a perversion of the universal principle: If you can see it, you will believe it and if you believe it, you will manifest it. In another chapter we discuss the subconscious mind and how it manifests your reality according to your beliefs. This process involving your subconscious mind also includes your financial reality. If you can see yourself as wealthy, you will believe you can be wealthy, and if you believe you can be wealthy then your subconscious mind will manifest wealth as your reality.

That may sound incredulous, but consider that it sounds incredulous because you’ve forgotten how to use your imagination! If you take a closer look, you’ll discover it really only sounds incredulous against the backdrop of your judgments and attachments regarding money.

Your sole greatest source of success in any and every area of life lies dormant within you. Your desires are the seeds of creation, and your imagination is the fertile soil wherein your wildest dreams of abundance are made manifest. Allow yourself to float free of attachments and judgments; self -realized or otherwise and begin to play with the universe principles of creation and manifestation. Tapping into imagination to create wealth is the only way wealth is truly generated. After wealth is generated, then we use structures to maintain what has been created. ALL wealth in the world was generated from imagination. Most of us however have been looking to the created structures of wealth maintenance to produce more wealth rather than the source of wealth- ourselves.

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