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Go 'F' Yourself.

The mind wants to live in the past but the heart wants to live in the present.

These days there is a lot of talk about ‘doing the work’. The reality is however that most of you don’t know what the hell ‘the work’ is. Let alone how to actually do it. Well in this brief blog post, we’re going to cut to the chase and tell you all about ‘the work’ and exactly how to carry it out in your own life. So let’s dive in.

Your highest work is embracing and forgiving your past. The bottom line is you’ve spent the majority of your years driving down the road of life while looking in the rearview mirror, refusing to look at what’s happening in front of you in the present moment. Looking backwards into time, into your seemingly personal experience can seem horrific, however the sense of horror that you feel is linked to the memory itself. It is only linked to what you have decided to believe about the memory and nothing else. Now hows that for a truthbomb?!

You created your past and now we ask you to forgive your past. Turn back your memories that seem to be associated with a personal history and instead of pretending that that is not there, recognize if that is how you perceive yourself in the current moment, Or not. Stop trying to shake the ego off like it’s a dog and you’re the stick!

The reality is that your past isn’t happening right now. Your life, the one you experience on a daily basis, is made up of decisions you made in the past, and yet you live like what you’ve done in your past is who you are today and so allow yourself to be limited and even stopped in pursuing what matters to you.

You see, this is the reality around why you don’t have or do what it is that you say you want and want to do. All the reasons you give for not being great are just that: reasons. Yet there is life beyond your reasons. You have the power to interrupt your personal insanity loop of saying one thing and then doing another. The secret is, and always has been to forgive your past.

Forgiveness of others is a booby prize. True forgiveness begins and ends with you forgiving yourself. This is the highest work because forgiving yourself has but one outcome: Loving and Trusting Yourself. To Love Yourself is to Trust Yourself. To Trust Yourself is to Love Yourself.

Loving Yourself is the ULTIMATE experience of being human. But with so few of us willing to forgive ourselves so radically and dynamically; is there any wonder that as you read these words, your brain is beginning to wander. And I promise you, Forgiving yourself is the KEY to living a life of abundance.

No matter what abundance is to you: money, health, family, leisure time etc…, experiencing yourself in the present moment is the shortest and most direct route to having any or all of those areas of your life running with peace and power.

Now me telling you this doesn’t actually do anything for you. YOU must actively forgive yourself for anything and everything you judge yourself for to reap the benefit that I’m promising. What if you’re not sure if you’re judging yourself or not? Don’t worry, you are. Just look at the 5 people closest to you in your life. Be honest, what are you judging them for? Be even more authentic; where does what you’re judging them for- show up in your own life? See! There! You found one of the countless ways you judge yourself,

Normally- I would end on a light note, but I really want you to take a look at how much you judge yourself. Next time we’ll take a look at the true impact and cost judging yourself in your life. Until then, remember the story of the woman who wanted to change her look, but kept trying to apply the new makeup and hairstyle to her reflection instead of herself. This week give up the right to judge your reflection in relationships and opt instead to apply any needed changes to yourself, trusting that your reflection will follow.

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