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Who are YOU?


Any thought that you have had about yourself, however deflated or inflated, is not who you are. It is simply a thought. The truth of who you are cannot be thought, because it is the source of all thoughts. The truth of who you are cannot be named or defined. Throughout time we have attempted to define the reality of the fullness of our being with words like soul, light, God, truth, self, consciousness, the universal intelligence, or divinity. While capable of evoking the bliss of the truth, these words are wholly inadequate as an accurate description of the immensity of who you truly are. However you identify yourself: as child, adolescent, a mother, a father, an older person, healthy person, sick person, a suffering person, or an enlightened person – always, behind all of that, is the truth of yourself. It is not foreign to you; in fact, it is so close that you cannot believe it is you! The truth of who you are is untouched by any concept of who you are, whether ignorant or enlightened, worthless or grand. The truth of who you are is free of it all. You are already free and all that blocks your realization of that freedom is your own attachment to some thought of who you are. This thought doesn’t keep you from being the truth of who you are. You already are that. Your thoughts about who you are separate you from the realization of who you are. Are you some image that appears in your mind? Are you some sensation that appears in your body? Are you some emotion that passes through your mind and body? Are you something that someone else has said you are, or are you the rebellion against something that someone else has said you are? These are some of the many stories created inside of the mis-identification of Self. All of these definitions come and go, are born and then die, yet the truth of who you are does not come and go. It is present before birth, throughout a lifetime, and after death. To discover the truth of who you are is not only possible, it is your birthright.

Society’s acceptance is a prison disguised as a palace.

The Power of I AM orients you to reality regardless of your circumstances. Being confident in the truth of your being acts as a built in navigational system, your declaration of Self literally becomes your GPS. Put to the case that all of our actions, every single one of them, are directly related to how you see the world around you, and how you see the world around you is filtered through how you view yourself.

I AM is the highest expression of Self and this is the opportunity that life is, the adventure that life was created to be; the path of knowing oneself as Self. To declare with purpose and intent: I AM that I AM, for indeed truly you are that I AM. As am I, as are we all.

As a success coach, I know that what it takes to accomplish something that you’ve never dreamed possible; is to be someone whom you’ve previously thought unimaginable. At the root of all is the reality of who we are being in any given situation or circumstance. If you are someone who is interested in; as the popular slogan states:” being all that you can be”; there will come a moment in your perception of reality in which you realize that you are not who you think you are and you don’t exist where you think you exist.

The core of your being is your ultimate reality and if at your core you recognize that you are constituted by the same energy particles that comprise the rest of what you see and even what you don’t see; then you are at the beginning of locating who you really are and where you really exist. The multidimensional reality of life is covered up by the illusions we were born into. Living in the reality of who you are is your access to living the life you’ve only dreamed of. Knowing yourself in Truth; the great I AM is ALL THAT IS and although ALL THAT IS needs nothing, still expresses as so many ‘my selves’ including this myself, is the foundation for living your birthright as a creator god.

To know yourself as I AM is to leave behind the preconceived notions of the dogmatic thinking, the preconceived ideas that you are that which you see, for indeed you are not, for indeed you are fluid, you can step into whatever you wish to be. You are that which you wish to experience, for you are mighty creator of your own self. To transform is to begin to clear away whatever is a block or barrier to you expressing at your highest level of existence. These blocks or barriers are all that is in the way of you and your dreams.

Question: Who are you really?

Meditation: Meditate in whatever way you choose (active, passive, singing, writing, reading, contemplating etc…) using the following declaration:

I AM the extension of Love in form.

I have never been born and I will never taste death.

I AM infinite and eternal.

I shine forth as a sunbeam to the sun.

I AM the effect of God’s Love.

And I stand before you to love you.

Observe and Experience:

  • You have been living your life relating to yourself as your thoughts about yourself rather than simply relating to yourself.

  • You interact with your thoughts about your circumstances rather than actually interacting directly with your circumstance

  • You relate to others the same way you relate to yourself.

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