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Autumn Magick And The Season Of The Witch.

"Being a witch means living in this world consciously, powerfully, and unapologetically."

~ Gabriela Herstik

Hello, Dear Ones!

As the earth shifts from Summer to Fall I can feel a stirring in my soul. Almost as if it is coming out of a Summer hibernation, and is awakening to play & create during the magickal season of Autumn. Although Fall is not quite here yet, it is at our doorstep. Can you smell it in the air and feel it in the breeze? She is waking up and bringing all her beauty, magick, warmth, and love to the world. If you could not tell, Fall is my FAVORITE time of year; as brief as it is in my part of the world, but I enjoy every minute of it. The colors of gold, brown, and burgundy alone are worth getting out into the world every day. It is a time of beauty and transformation.

“ I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.”

~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

During this time of year, you have probably heard people say that we are entering into “spooky season” or “The season of the Witch.” This however correlates more to Halloween, and more specifically Samhain (Sow-en), the End of Summer. This season is a sacred time for many witches, (or us witches). It is filled with mystery, and change, and the veil between our world and the next is very thin this time of year. If you are reading this, you might find yourself feeling called to the path of the witch. As I am writing this I recall being called to this path during this very season. I did not realize it at that time. If you are already on this path, but find that you have not been practicing your craft or intentionally connecting to Mother Earth lately, this is a beautiful time to reconnect with her and yourself. New or old to the path, take advantage of our season and dive into your magick unapologetically. Your soul will guide you. Trust it.

"The first time I called myself a 'Witch' was the most magical moment of my life."

~Margot Adler

Have you ever found yourself or heard others asking the questions -

What is a witch? Who are we? What is our purpose?

I have asked this question many times during the short years I have been on this path. I was born into and raised in the Christian religion, so being a witch was something I never saw myself becoming. But as I grew spiritually, my soul led me to this path. Without a doubt, I know this is me. My path, my life, my gift. So what are witches and what is our purpose? I come to you today speaking from the heart and soul with a channeled message from Source, and I desire that it resonates with and through your soul. Being a witch is a high calling. It is a high calling because we are ultimately here to serve and tend to Mother Earth and her children. We are way showers and trailblazers. Our power and gifts are sourced from universal love. A love that we all come from and will return to one day.

We were created and given gifts to show people and to remind them of how life can truly be lived and how we are all universally connected. There is no separation. We are one and one with this earth and universe. If you are a witch in this lifetime, then you have been a witch in every lifetime, for this is your soul's purpose. Your magick of course can benefit your life personally, but it is also a beautiful tool gifted to you to fulfill your soul’s purpose. Our gifts come in all shapes and forms, and they are all necessary. You could be a seer or psychic, you could have the gift of healing. Maybe you can understand and speak to animals or those you have passed to the other side. Or perhaps you are deeply connected to plants and can talk to and understand the language of trees, and can grow and nurture any plant. Your magick could be in the realm of astrology and understanding the planets and stars. Or deeply connected to the phases of the moon.

There are so many gifts and ways of expressing and sharing these gifts to the world. Writing, music, dancing, singing, astrology, nursing, etc… We even have different names. Different names from different cultures and languages. Witch, Seer, Healer, Shaman, Medicine Man or Woman, Priest or Priestess, this list goes on and on. My personal belief however is that our original name was simply and beautifully Children. As I mentioned before, we were created specifically to tend to the earth and her children and were given these gifts that are a part of our spiritual and soul DNA. Our creators or parents looked and saw that the world would need much help and support, and said to each other, “We will send many of our children and impart into them these abilities to bring healing, awareness, and life to those around them.”

And so here we are. Waking up to our true nature and calling day by day. We are not evildoers who worship the devil. No, we are here to heal, love and support. To show people the way back to love through our magick. It’s a beautiful calling. As we enter into this life-giving season of Autumn may your soul be renewed and find rest. May you answer your soul’s call to this path, and may you reconnect with the earth and her kindness. For those of you who know you are called to this path, but are on the fence about answering the call. I pray that you find peace in your choice. You are needed sister and you are not alone.

This is the Season of the Witch!!


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