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Your childhood wasn’t your fault. And it is your responsibility.



While you can’t go back and change the things that did, and did not happen when you were younger; you absolutely have the capacity to be aware of and responsible for your behavior as an adult today.

The reality is, however, the road from child to adult can be quite traumatic.

Our society is full of children who’ve grown into adults, and now have a unique set of skills, and weaknesses, based on experiences from their childhood. Adults who have matured physically but not emotionally. Not spiritually. And oftentimes not mentally either.

The human maturation process is not linear, occurs holistically, and has been all but sidelined as our modern society seeks to define success.

Given that modern success rules preach that time is money; and maturation takes time- is it any wonder that authentic mature behavior has been supplanted by ignorance and greed?

Trauma is a keyword now. As it “should” be. Because we’ve all sustained trauma at some point in our lives. It’s a part of being human. However trauma is not an excuse to treat ourselves or others poorly; rather trauma is an indication of where we will likely find power and personal freedom.

But that is a mature perspective of trauma.

And having a mature perspective of trauma is a powerful way to be responsible for our trauma.

So where in your life can you apply a mature perspective and take both responsibility and your power back?


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